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ADiKtEd, short for 'Another Dungeon Keeper Editor' is a text based level editor for Dungeon Keeper and Keeper FX.

It used basic script and key use to place terrain, rooms, creatures, and everything else. 

Because the editor is text-based and you cannot use a mouse, some people will find it hard to use at first. However, the editor has several advantages over the official editor: it runs effortlessly on modern Windows PCs and can place all possible objects on maps. It also has several features allowing for much quicker map creation, advanced techniques and functioning levels. 

How to use Edit

Once you have downloaded ADiKtEd, it's not a simple case of open the program and off we go. 

If using ADiKtEd on the classic Dungeon Keeper/Dungeon Keeper Gold, You must place the program and its files in the KEEPER directory on your hard drive. 

If using ADiKtEd on KeeperFX, it's simply the same concept. Put the program and files in KeeperFX's application folder.

Editing MapsEdit

When using ADiKtEd, to edit a pre-existing map from Dungeon Keeper your must use "Ctrl+L" and type the maps number to load. To learn the other commands press F1 for help or read the instructions that come with the program.

Each key on your keyboard represents a tile or terrain. Door or Trap.  For Example "#" = Impenetrable Rock

After creating a map, for it to work as a level you will need to create a level script.


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