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ADiKtEd, short for 'Another Dungeon Keeper Editor', is a text-based level editor for Dungeon Keeper, including KeeperFX. It features advanced functions that enable mapmakers to do things that cannot be done in the official editor.


ADiKtEd thing list

Everything can be placed in ADiKtEd

The keyboard is used to place terrain, rooms, creatures, and everything else. Because the editor is text-based and you cannot use a mouse, some people will find it hard to use at first. However, the editor has several advantages over the official editor: it runs effortlessly on modern Windows PCs and can place all possible objects on maps. It also has many features allowing for much quicker map creation, advanced techniques,[clarification needed] and functioning levels.

How to use []

Once you have downloaded ADiKtEd, it's not a simple case of open the program and off we go. 

Whether using ADiKtEd on the classic Dungeon Keeper/Dungeon Keeper Gold or on KeeperFX, you must place the program and its files in the game's directory, or edit the map.ini file to point to the game's levels directory.

Editing Maps[]

When using ADiKtEd, to edit a pre-existing map from Dungeon Keeper, you must use ^ Ctrl+L and type the map's number to load. To learn the other commands, press F1 for help.

ADiKtEd thing mode

Thing mode

ADiKtEd originally had only three modes: slab mode, thing mode, and clm (column) mode.

ADiKtEd clm mode

Clm mode

Each key on your keyboard represents a terrain, door, or trap. For example: # = Impenetrable Rock

ADiKtEd creature availability

Setting the Creature Pool and availability

After creating a map, for it to work as a level, you will need to create a level script. Later versions of ADiKtEd added a script mode, which features a script verifier, a script updater, and a script generator, which can generate a basic script for room, spell, and creature availability, but more advanced scripting must be done manually.

ADiKtEd graffiti placement

'Graffiti' placement

A unique feature of ADiKtEd is the ability to create 'graffiti' text, which is impenetrable rock lit by flambeaux.


ADiKtEd was originally developed by Jon Skeet.[1] In recent years, others (including mefistotelis, the original developer of Dungeon Keeper FX) have taken over development.

However, with Unearth becoming the most prevalent editor in the 2020s, development has ceased and is unlikely to continue, much like UnDed.

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