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Abbadon is the 7th level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper.


In Abbadon, the player takes control of a seemingly hopeless dungeon, with no spells or rooms available for research.

Digging carefully around caverns and ambushes, the player can find neutral Training Rooms, Libraries, Hatcheries, Lairs and Treasure Rooms if they follow the gold seams and dig around a bit. In the top left there's a tunnel leading to the Heal spell, with Fairies, Archers, Thieves, Barbarians, and an ambush of Monks waiting to end your current run if not careful.

One can find a pack of neutral Warlocks in the top middle part of the map, once again being careful not to uncover the hero fortress that has a dangerous number of Fairies protecting it.

A wall of impenetrable rock closes off the level through the middle, to the left there's a pack of neutral Hellhounds, but also an island of Wizards, Archers, and Priestesses. Below that there's a small hero labyrinth with 3 Dungeon Specials, all with ambushes.

To the right, there's a tempting gem seam, but, as we already learned, it's ridiculously guarded with Fairies, ambushes of Archers next to the main entrance, scripted invasions once you enter the castle itself, Boulder Traps, Samurai, Magic Doors, and all in all an army of dangerous heroes, with the measly one-face gem seam at the very end of the castle.

In the bottom right, there's an even more dangerous white labyrinth, with boulders, secret rooms, surprise attacks, dead ends, traps, Samurai, and another gem seam. If one digs to the right-most side of the map, they can find a cavern with high-level Barbarians and a Dungeon Special.

If you use the Destroy Walls spell at the very end of the labyrinth you can discover the white heart, and as always, the last band of heroes guarding it.


Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 10
Starting Gold 20000
Starting Forces 6 Imps
May Attract
  Beetle-icon Spider-icon Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon Bile-demon-icon Dragon-icon Troll-icon
May Create or Summon
  Bridge Icon Small Guard Post Icon Small  
Possession Icon Small      
Traps & Doors
Trap Alarm Small Trap Gas Small   Trap Lava Small


  • The name Abbadon may be an alteration or misspelling of Abaddon, a Hebrew word for the Devil or hell.[2]


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