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This page is retained for historical reference.
The information here pertains to a retired game and is no longer relevant.

This is a list of achievements in Dungeon Keeper.

Achievement Objective Gems
What's a Phatooey? Complete the F.T.U.E. 25
We’re the best … around! Control 2 immortals 15
All Along the Watchtower Build 1 Guard Post 5
Stand Guard Upgrade your Guard Post to Level 3 10
Spellbound Build 1 Dark Library 5
Kill All Trees Upgrade your Dark Library to Level 4 5
Keep It Trill Claim 2 Gold Mines 5
The Safest Investment Upgrade your Gold Mine to Level 6 10
Solid, solid as a rock… Claim 2 Stone Quarries 5
No Such Thing as Too Deep Upgrade your Stone Quarry to Level 6 10
It’s no Yolk! Research the Cluck Off Spell in the Dark Library 5
Popcorn Chicken Upgrade the Cluck Off Spell to Level 2 5
The $&*% I’ve seen! Accrue 1,000 Combat Points against enemy Keepers 10
Check out my D! Upgrade your Dungeon Heart to Level 7 10
I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed Research the Bomb Wall Spell in the Dark Library 5
Hammer Time! Upgrade the Bomb Wall Spell to Level 2 5
Population Increased Build 1 Hatchery 5
Franchising Upgrade your Hatchery to Level 4 5
Work it Harder, Make it Stronger Upgrade your Workshop to Level 4 5
Personal Trainer Build 1 Training Room 5
What Doesn’t Kill You… Upgrade your Training Room to Level 4 5
Hard Hat Required Upgrade your Warehouse to Level 7 10
And … It’s Gone! Upgrade your Treasury to Level 7 10
Heartbreaker Destroy 100 Dungeon Hearts in PVP Battles 10
Overlord Summon 1,000 Minions through your Portals 10
Can You Dig It? Excavate 400 Tiles in your Dungeon 10
Gold Digger Collect 1,000,000 Gold from your Gold Mines 25
Like a Rock Collect 1,000,000 Stone from your Stone Collectors 25
Money for Nothing Plunder 100,000 Gold from enemy Keepers 25
Easy Rock Plunder 100,000 Stone from enemy Keepers 25
Charge! Accrue 4,500 Attack Points against enemy Keepers 25
Toasty Research the Dragon Breath Spell in the Dark Library 5
Shut Down Initiated Research the Disable Trap Spell in the Dark Library 5
Face Roller Get Promoted to Bronze 3 in the League of Evil 10
Career in the Minors Get Promoted to Silver 3 in the League of Evil 25
Not ALL Bad Get Promoted to Gold 1 in the League of Evil 100