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"Snapdragon. With your usual cunning you have replaced Keeper Dante as the main aggressor to this land. Poor Lord Titus doesn't even know who he is fighting. I hear that Dante was driven out by a powerful group of Wizards who still guard Snapdragon against the return of any evil forces. Destroying them will make it easier to challenge Lord Titus."
— The Mentor, level briefing

Aftermath is the 8th level in Dungeon Keeper 2, located in Snapdragon.


"Aftermath"- Snapdragon
Primary Goal
Commandeer Keeper Dante's abandoned dungeon and put Lord Titus to the sword
Ancillary Goal(s)
Capture the scattered rooms

Vanquish the guardian Wizards

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 15
Starting Gold 0
Starting Forces 4 Imps, 1 Troll, 2 Mistresses, 3 Salamanders
May Attract
Goblin icon Warlock Firefly Troll pickup Darkelf Mistress pickup
Salamander icon Rogue        
May Create or Summon
Imp pickup Skeleton pickup   Horny Icon
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium Treasury Icon Medium Casino Icon Medium Wooden Bridge Icon Medium Torture Room2 Icon Medium    
Hatchery2 Icon Medium Training Room2 Icon Medium Workshop2 Icon Medium Guard Room Icon Medium Prison2 Icon Medium Stone Bridge Icon Medium  
Createimp2 icon medium Possession icon medium Sightofevil2 icon medium     |  
Thunderbolt icon medium Heal2 icon medium Calltoarms2 icon medium     |  
Traps & Doors
Wooden Door2 Icon Medium     Sentry Trap Icon Medium Fear Trap Icon Medium Gas Trap Icon Medium      
Barricade Icon Medium       Alarm Trap2 Icon Medium        
Blue Keeper (Dante)
Creature Limit 0
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces None
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium Treasury Icon Medium          
Hatchery2 Icon Medium            
No Spells
No Doors or Traps

'Keeper, your dungeon is emptier than your head. ' - The Mentor (DK2)
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