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The Alarm Trap is available in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online. Its main purpose is to alert the Keeper (and creatures) to any intruders.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The Alarm Trap starts a strong pseudo-Call To Arms if triggered. When an enemy creature triggers it, it sounds a claxon, and all of your creatures in the area are summoned to it. Any creatures who hear it will run to the location of the trap and mill around until they either see something worth fighting, or the trap deactivates. When a hero or enemy creature sets off the trap, the Call To Arms begins, making sure that you have an immediate response to a breach of your dungeon security. These can be useful for directing your minions' attentions when invasion is imminent.

The Alarm Trap can be triggered twelve times before it must be replaced. To manufacture the Alarm Trap, your Workshop can be of any size.

The Alarm trap will send you a message when triggered.


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

The Alarm Trap works differently in Dungeon Keeper 2. When triggered, it now sends out a loud alarm when it detects an enemy creature, alerting any friendly nearby creatures and causing them to come running.

The Alarm Trap is not considered very useful, as it will not alert the Keeper, unlike in the first game. Useful if you do not have access or space for a Guard Room or for dealing with waves of low-level enemies.

Hero Alarm Trap[]

Hero Alarm Trap

A Hero Alarm Trap

The hero forces have their own version of the Alarm Trap with a different appearance. Instead of a skull being hit by a pickaxe, a metal helmet is bashed with a mallet to produce the ringing noise.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

In Dungeon Keeper Online, the Alarm Trap behaved similarly to its Dungeon Keeper counterpart.[2]


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