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The Ancient Keeper campaign for Dungeon Keeper was made in 1998.

It is notable for requiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game's features, bugs, and exploits, and the levels contain puzzles that require players to think outside the box. The campaign is included with KeeperFX; however, many of the bugs it relies on have been fixed, so they are re-enabled for this campaign.



  • Red Carpet
  • Harmony
  • Avarice
  • T'Kaan's Mistress
  • The Realm of Salaar
  • Save the Heroes
  • Kwan Tek's Ordeal
  • Avatar's Revenge
  • Knight Manoeuvres
  • The University of Hades
  • Salaar's Test
  • Rescue the Avatar
  • Sloth
  • Entomology
  • Flowers of Despair
  • Dragonia
  • Fortress of the Sun
  • Thor's Diplomat
  • Antak's Ruin
  • L'Cyfre's Challenge


  • Underworld Amusement

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