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Andy Trowers was a tester of Dungeon Keeper,[1] and a designer of Dungeon Keeper 2.[2]

After the final build of Dungeon Keeper was put out, he, along with Andy Robson, played a multiplayer match against Peter Molyneux and Jonty Barnes. Trowers made the first move by attacking Molyneux's dungeon, only for his army to be pulverised by Molyneux's, who, along with his Imps, then stormed Trowers' dungeon. However, Trowers managed to retard Molyneux's assault by making good use of doors and traps (skills he learnt during testing). Robson managed to defeat both Molyneux and Barnes, but Trowers was still defeated. After his defeat, Trowers, because he could then hear everything undisturbed, realised that Molyneux had been cheating.[1]


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