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Another Dungeon - the story of another evil (Japanese: もう一つの (あく) 物語 (ものがたり) ) is an original fan campaign for the Japanese version of Dungeon Keeper Premium.

It appears to be set in the same world as the original campaign, but it has a unique story. The campaign was only available in Japanese until 2022, when it was translated into English and made into a ready-made KeeperFX campaign. However, it is not actually included with KeeperFX. The English version should also run on Dungeon Keeper Gold and other western versions of the original game if text_eng.dat is renamed to text.dat.[verification needed] In 2024, it was translated from Japanese to Chinese.

It is unknown which editor(s) this campaign was made with, but there are strong indications of ADiKtEd involvement. The campaign is intended to be slightly harder than The Deeper Dungeons.


The original version uses the location names for the internal level names, even though the actual level names were given on the Another Dungeon website. The KeeperFX version uses the actual names, but keeps the location references in the campaign's text. It also removed the voices in the level map. These were done to avoid confusion with the original campaign; in KeeperFX, campaigns are installed separately to each other and are selected from a list, whereas the original game only has support for one campaign, so it has to be overwritten.

The English level names are straight translations of the original Japanese names.

Another Dungeon levels
Japanese name English name Location
(はる) かなる (みち) Distant road Eversmile
(かく) された (ちから) Hidden power Cosyton
妖精 (ようせい) 地下 (ちか) (とりで) Fairies' underground fort Waterdream Warm
略奪 (りゃくだつ) 帝国 (ていこく) Plundering empire Flowerhat
(ひかり) (かげ) Light and shadow Lushmeadow-on-Down
永久 (えいきゅう) (ねが) Eternal desire Snuggledell
(うるわ) しの魔女 (まじょ) Beautiful witch Wishvale
(くら) (たましい) Dark spirit Tickle
猛火 (もうか) 迷宮 (めいきゅう) Labyrinth of fire Moonbrush Wood
冷酷 (れいこく) なる (もの) Tyrant Nevergrim
迷走 (めいそう) () Straying land Hearth
(よご) された軍旗 (ぐんき) Polluted ensign Elf's Dance
(のろ) われた微笑 (ほほえ) Cursed smile Buffy Oak
() 吐息 (といき) Death's breath Sleepiburgh
地獄 (じごく) 覇者 (はしゃ) Ruler of Hell Woodly Rhyme
堕天使 (だてんし) (いの) Fallen angel's prayer Tulipscent
() びついた (みこと) Rusty lord Mirthshire
(かみ) (かみなり) God's thunder Blaise End
奈落 (ならく) 聖戦 (せいせん) Hades' crusade Mistle
サタンよ (われ) (ため) (うた) Satan, sing for me Skybird Trill
(まよ) える子羊 (こひつじ) Lost Lamb
無言 (むごん) 攻防 (こうぼう) Silent Siege
(ちい) さき反逆 (はんぎゃく) Small Rebellion
() のゆりかご Cradle of Death
地底 (ちてい) 戦士 (せんし) Underground Warriors
フルムーンゲート Full Moon Gate

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