Armageddon is the penultimate spell to research, and for good reason. It is the most expensive spell by far, and casting it will cause all creatures on the map to be teleported to your Dungeon Heart, with you unable to help. Whoever wins this final battle will win the level.


Armageddon is only present in Dungeon Keeper. It costs 60,000 gold, but its effects are incredibly powerful. It gives you a warning first to make sure you want to use it. Then it sets off a timer (which you can view in the top-right corner) and disables the ability to pick up your creatures. When the timer reaches zero, the Fog of War is lifted and every single creature is transported into your Dungeon Heart centre(so traps are helpful if placed). All your creatures, all the heroes present and all enemy creatures are transported. However, Chickens (from the Hatchery Icon Small Hatchery or cast in chickens using the Chicken Icon Small Chicken spell) do not heed this call. If you win the battle, you instantly win the level. Only cast this spell if you know you are going to win.

Armageddon Countdown

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