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Arrow is a basic ranged attack available to only a select few creatures in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Unique to the Archer, this creature spell shoots an arrow projectile straight forward until it hits an obstacle or creature. This ability is available from level 1, and contains unique sprites and sounds. Although the damage it deals is nothing special, it grants Archers the advantage of attacking at a much farther distance than most other enemies in the early game.


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

"A standard ranged attack that keeps on truckin’ until it hits an obstacle or, better still, a living creature!"
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

In Dungeon Keeper 2, the Arrow ability is available to only the Elven Archer and the Dark Elf, who both use a bow as their weapon of choice. Just like in Dungeon Keeper, it fires a basic projectile in a straight line. Like their predecessor, they both are able to shoot arrows from level 1. Unlike in Dungeon Keeper, however, their arrows sparkle when they are fired.


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