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Battle Window Dungeon Keeper

In Dungeon Keeper, the Battle Window, or Battle Box, displays ongoing battles. It shows each creature's health and experience level, and can be used to zoom to, pick up, or cast spells on fighting creatures without having to search for them in the melee.

Heal prototype Dungeon Keeper

Using the Battle Window to cast Heal on a Troll who's fighting.

Your creatures appear to the left of the swords icon; opponents appear on the right. If all combatants are friendly (that is, if creatures are fighting amongst themselves), they all appear to the left, even though they're on opposing sides; the game sees all combatants belonging to you as "friendly", and does not take the possibility of infighting into account. Due to limited space, the window may not show all combatants; up to seven combatants on either side of a battle can be displayed. Therefore, one may not always be able to rely exclusively on the Battle Window to interact with combatants.

Battle Window prototype Dungeon Keeper

A prototype Battle Window, showing the Vs symbol mentioned in the manual.

The manual mentions the window featuring a Vs symbol.[1] This is seen instead of a swords icon in some prototypes. This is one of the several indications the manual is written for a prototype, when not all aspects of the game were finalised.

Dungeon Keeper 2 does not feature a Battle Window.


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