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The Beetle (also known as the Bug in the game's code) is a creature type in Dungeon Keeper.

General Information[]

"A Beetle has scuttled into your realm. It's tough enough to absorb a lot of damage."
— In-game description, Eversmile
"A very basic creature that gets stamped on in a fight. Beetles are very weak and are regarded as fireball fodder by the stronger heroes."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

The Beetle is the second creature to appear in the original campaign, following the Fly. Their presentation as being "tough enough to absorb a lot of damage" is tailored to this situation and is only accurate relative to the Fly; shortly after the beginning, the derisive stance taken against them by the manual becomes the reality as more powerful creatures and heroes join the action. Then, Beetles will serve no other useful purpose but to be sacrifices in the Temple.

Dungeon Keeper Beetle portrait

Portrait of the Beetle

A Beetle has no default task, with no jobs that it likes to do or is particularly good at, and nothing it hates. It's a lazy creature that will, without guidance, just idle in its Lair except to take meals and paydays. For this reason, Beetles can serve as a sort of placeholder or decoration in your dungeon. They can fill in on tasks where needed while working for spit and requiring no attention at all.

Dungeon Keeper Possess Creature Beetle

Beetles' vision


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 48
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 250
Strength Base Strength: 25
Defence Defence: 25
Skill Base Skill: 40
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 55
Luck Luck: 3
Tasks & Management
Beetle-icon Primary Job Do Nothing
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 1
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 1
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 1
Wage Training Cost /64t 8
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 1
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 8
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -50
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 5
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 1Chicken icon tiny / 5000t
Wage Base Wage 18
Sacrifice Recipes
Beneficial Sacrifices
Creature Creature Creature Result
2 Beetle-icon Beetles -- -- Complete Manufacturing
1 Beetle-icon Beetle 1 Spider-icon Spider -- Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress
1 Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress 1 Beetle-icon Beetle -- Casts Rebound icon small Rebound on your creatures FX
1 Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 1 Beetle-icon Beetle -- Casts ProtectMonster Icon Small Protect Monster on your creatures FX
1 Beetle-icon Beetle 1 Orc-icon Orc -- Tentacle-icon Tentacle FX
1 Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn 1 Beetle-icon Beetle -- Hound-icon Hound FX



  • In early 1996, before the major revamp, Beetles were also known as Cockroaches, and were quick and had plenty of armour.[1]


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