DK1 MAP00094
Appears in The Deeper Dungeons
Level Number 94
Preceded By Batezek
Followed By Daka-Gorn
Enemy Keepers 0

Benetzaron is the 12th level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper.

Description Edit

Benetzaron is one of the hardest levels in the Deeper Dungeons Expansion. The player starts off in the middle of a huge map surrounded by many gigantic neutral caves roaming with heroes, and filled to the brim with innumerable invasions and enemies ready to pounce at the player. Most gold seams lead to caves and there are only a few gem faces to sustain the player's dungeon. Oddly enough, there's no actual hero Dungeon Heart, the last enemy band instead being triggered on walking through the north east dungeon.

Walkthrough Edit

A way to simplify this level would be to completely close yourself off from the outside world, quickly seizing the gold mines without caving into any enemy territory, take the neutral creatures and fortify each and every wall before the first enemy invasion can breach your walls.

Some speed is required in order to do this, and when the player eventually ventures into enemy territory, the amassed enemy parties will have formed a death trap that will take some trial and error to beat without being annihilated.

In order to do this, the player should make tunnels to each gold seam and dig out the gold seams without caving into caverns, and any gold blocks that lead to enemy territory should be left untouched, as the enemies treat it as a Fortified Wall and don't mine it.

In the top left, the player can possess an Imp-icon Imp and rush to Dig icon small Dig a square-ish tunnel and completely block off that portion of the map from being touched by heroes, though it would only help the enemy elite death trap at the end stay closer together later on.

There are some neutral Skeleton-icon Skeletons in a pocket in the middle of the north western gold seam, the player can dig a tunnel and pop it open without triggering or caving into any enemy territory, though they must hurry to fortify the large tunnels that would accompany the task.

A fortified tunnel to the gold seam at the bottom would be wise, though one should be careful as there are roaming Monk-icon Monks and an invasion ready to attack there.

After that, the player is basically completely surrounded by intertwining caverns and hero establishments. The only neutral room is a Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room and one can take over a white Prison Icon Small Prison.

To the bottom right, there's a line of fortified white wall that blocks off the knot-like cavern filled with Samurai-icon Samurai and Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps, one would assume to make it harder on the player.

To the middle left there's a white lake that's booby-trapped with an extremely dangerous Fairy-icon Fairy and Giant-icon Giant band that'll invade as soon as you enter the room.

And once the player walks the white tunnels after the lava moat on the top right hand side, a huge, map-wide breach will commence and many, many and extremely powerful bands of heroes will invade from every side of the map and bee-line to the Dungeon Heart.

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