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The Bile Demon is a fat creature in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Dungeon Keeper[]

"A very big, red, greedy creature that eats you out of house and Dungeon if you are not careful. Despite this, they are excellent fighters and as hard as nails. Also, their primary job is manufacturing. If they don’t get enough food, they will get angry and sleep until food arrives."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Bile Demons are powerful combatants, with ample health, access to area-of-effect gas spells (to which they are immune), and morning stars chained to their horns, which deal decent damage. They work especially well in groups, since these poison gas clouds stack and can wipe out whole teams of foes that close in. Bile Demons should not be paired with any melee-bound allies that can be harmed by poison gas.

At level 4 they learn Fart, a unique area-of-effect spell that works like Poison Cloud at melee range and does not hurt allies, but they will continue to use their Poison Cloud as well in their attack rotation. Bile Demons' massive weight means that they are not affected by Wind, so they are especially good to throw in against an enemy Priestess.

The challenge of retaining Bile Demons is not their salary, a modest 406 gold at level 10, but their Lair space requirements, the fairly-high cost of training them, and their excessive use of the Hatchery. Bile Demons crave 6 Chickens every 4500 Turns. Build the Hatchery adjacent to their worksites and make it very efficient, or they will waste a lot of time waddling through the corridors and possibly get angry. Fortunately, they handle their restroom breaks in combat.

Bile Demon portrait Dungeon Keeper no border

Bile Demon portrait

Bile Demons are proficient craftsmen (in fact, they're joint second best with Orcs and Mountain Dwarves, according to their raw manufacturing skill ratings), and their default job is manufacturing in the Workshop. They can be dropped into the Library, but perform research only with very basic ability. They will not take damage when slapped, although it still lowers their happiness.

Dungeon Keeper Bile Demon intro

A Bile Demon as seen in the intro video for Dungeon Keeper.

Bile Demon and Mistress in Dungeon Keeper Goodies

Bile Demon with a Dark Mistress.


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 48
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 1200
Strength Base Strength: 80
Defence Defence: 60
Skill Base Skill: 30
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 40
Luck Luck: 5
Tasks & Management
Bile-demon-icon Primary Job Manufacture
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 1
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 3
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 2
Wage Training Cost /64t 38
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 1
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 30
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -40
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -6
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 4
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 6Chicken icon tiny / 4500t
Wage Base Wage 98
Temple Sacrifices
Creatures Result
Bile-demon-icon Troll-icon Dark-mistress-icon Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper
Bile-demon-icon Beetle-icon Casts ProtectMonster Icon Small Protect Monster on your creatures FX
Bile-demon-icon Bile-demon-icon All friendly creatures turn into Chickens

Sacrificing 2 Bile Demons in a row, even in the course of completing beneficial recipes back-to-back, will trigger the gods' punishment.


  • This creature's abysmal base Dexterity of 40 likely emerged from confusion during development, because it was supposed to represent the melee evasion rate— with Bile Demons making very wide targets. As a result of this score, however, Bile Demons will seldom land hits in melee. Most of their damage will come from their poison gas attacks. They are not very effective against gas-immune creatures.
  • Bile Demons are natural enemies of Skeletons, and the two species fight if placed in the same Lair; they also refuse to group with each other in a Barracks.
Dungeon Keeper Bile Demon two fingers

A Bile Demon sticking two fingers up.

  • Whenever you slap a Bile Demon, they will briefly display two fingers up at you in anger.
    • In Australia and the UK, this two-finger salute, always done with the back of the hand towards the target, is the equivalent to flipping the middle finger in the US.
  • In at least one Dungeon Keeper prototype, Bile Demons were not immune to Wind.
  • In at least one early version of Dungeon Keeper's intro, the Bile Demon's growl at the Knight is heard.
  • 'Perfidious Yuck' was an early name for the Bile Demon.

Dungeon Keeper Unused Frontend
  • In the data of the first game, there is an unused screen of Dungeon Keeper text with a Bile Demon standing behind it. It is likely that this is an early loading or title screen, or possibly a main menu backdrop.

  • Before the revamp in 1996, Bile Demons were well-armoured and powerful spellcasters.[2]

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Bile Demon panel icon

The Bile Demon panel icon

Bile Demons are huge and gluttonous creatures cursed with notoriously poor control of the most rudimentary bodily functions. Their primary use is combat, a field in which their success owes more to their hefty bulk than to any particular combat skills, despite the flail-like horns. However, they do also have basic construction skills, so can be put to work in the Workshop.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Bile Demon concept art

DK2 Concept Art (Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual)

Bile Demons, not best known for their intellect, loathe researching. They also have an ongoing antipathy towards Giants. If possible, they’ll set up their beds in the proximity of a Hatchery to avoid having to waddle too far for food.

The Bile Demon is the slowest creature you have, but is also the highest health creature you can attract. They need food, a lot, so place plenty of Hatcheries around to avoid unhappiness.

They have extremely high health, 1/3 more than a Black Knight, and even more than a Royal Guard, and tend to outlast most creatures in a combat pit melee, even if they are 3 or more levels lower.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

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Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Bile Demon progression Dungeon Keeper Mobile



Bile Demons were huge gluttonous creatures that spewed forth a poisonous stream of gas. Hygiene wasn't one of their strong points and had developed an immunity to poison.

They were attracted to wealth and could not get enough of it! They would make their way to the nearest Treasury or Warehouse (whichever was closet) when placed in an enemy dungeon.

Apart from their love of gold and stone, they also loved to eat and, as such, liked to reside in the Hatchery, gorging themselves on chickens.

In order to get a Bile Demon for your dungeon, you required a Hatchery.


  • Very effective against Treasuries and Warehouses.
  • Portrayed as a 'tank' with heaps of health, though isn't as tough as you'd think.
  • After all resource rooms were destroyed, they would attack the nearest building.
  • Not very effective against doors, which were often blocking their way to resource rooms.
  • Took extra damage from Skeletons, though this could be reduced to 1.5x.
  • While Skeletons were immune to poison damage, Bile Demons could still damage Skeletons quite effectively.
  • Very effective against Warlocks.
  • High level Bile Demons were good for holding Trolls from attacking Hatcheries.
  • Very weak against Vampires.


Seeks Closest Treasury or Warehouse
Passive Immune to Poison
Strength Bonus damage to Treasuries and Warehouses
Starts with 6x and maxes out at 22x
Weakness Receives bonus damage from Skeletons
Starts wit 5x and decreases to a max of 1.5x
Creature Targets Ground
Attack Speed 2s
Attack Range 2 Tiles
Move Speed 160
Housing Space 4
Summoning Time 3m
Defensive Location Hatchery

Training Upgrades[]

Skeleton = Extra Damage from Skeletons
Hatchery = Hatchery level required to upgrade
Resources = Extra damage multiplier towards resource rooms

LVL DMG HP Resources DMG vs Resource Rooms Skeleton Training Time Training Cost Hatchery Summon Cost
1 48 480 6x 288 5x - - 1 450
2 60 615 8x 480 5x 4h 25k 4 600
3 74 750 8x 592 4x 8h 70k 5 750
4 88 885 10x 880 4x 16h 250k 6 850
5 102 1,030 10x 1,020 3x 1d 500k 7 950
6 116 1,165 12x 1,392 3x 1d 12h 1.2M 8 1,050
7 130 1,300 14x 1,820 2x 2d 2M 9 1,200
8 145 1,450 14x 2,030 2x 2d 12h 13M 11 2,500
9 159 1,585 14x 2,226 2x 3d 16M 12 5,000
10 173 1,720 16x 2,768 2x 4d 20M 14 6,000
11 187 1,855 16x 2,992 2x 4d 26M 15 9,000
12 201 1,990 16x 3,216 2x 6d 32M 17 12,000
13 215 2,125 16x 3,440 1.5x 7d 44M 19 16,000
14 229 2,260 18x 4,122 1.5x 8d 52M 20 20,000
15 245 2,400 18x 4,410 1.5x 9d 52.1M 21 24,000
16 261 2,540 20x 4,698 1.5x 10d 52.2M 22 28,000
17 276 2,680 20x 5,520 1.5x 11d 58M 23 ?
18 292 2,820 20x 5,840 1.5x 12d 62M ? 36,000
19 308 2,965 20x 6,160 1.5x 13d ? ? ?
20 324 3,110 22x 7,128 1.5x 14d ? ? ?
21 340 3,255 22x 7,480 1.5x 15d 76M ? 50,000
22 356 3,400 22x 7,832 1.5x 16d 84M 32 65,000

Note: Training times are updated for the May, 2018 update.


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