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The Braced Door is a wooden door strengthened with steel supports, naturally being between the Wooden and Iron Door in terms of strength, cost, and manufacturing time.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The Braced Door is of average strength and lasts longer than the Wooden Door. First introduced in Snuggledell, Braced Doors are not too durable, but they'll do in a pinch. They have almost twice the health of a Wooden Door, but half the health of an Iron Door, making them considerably worse than Iron Doors. Once you have access to Iron Doors and Magic Doors, it's best to replace Braced Doors.

In KeeperFX, a Ghost has a special ability that allows it to pass through the door, even if it is locked.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Just like in Dungeon Keeper, Braced Doors are rated between Wooden and Iron doors. There are few reasons to used Braced Doors when Iron and Magic are available, unless you are strapped for cash, or the area is of very little significance, yet still needs a door.