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The Bridge is a room in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Dungeon Keeper[]

In Dungeon Keeper, there is but one type of Bridge, consisting of a wooden walkway atop stonemasonry piers. It may be placed on either lava or water, and will remain in place indefinitely (unless sold, for example). Bridges must be built in order for Imps to claim land on the opposite sides of bodies of lava and water; Imps cannot claim land that is not connected with a Bridge. Additionally, Imps will not pick up corpses that are too far from the dungeon, so adding Bridges may allow them to perceive a valid path to drag knocked-out heroes and/or enemy creatures into your Prisons.

Enemy Bridges may be captured. The time required is contingent on the size of the Bridge, as with any other room.


  • There is a debug string hidden in the executable file that says: 'How come this bridge was placed on path? Hmmm?'.
  • There is a method for using room count overflow to transform liquid tiles into Dirt Path; see Bugs.


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

In Dungeon Keeper 2, there are two types of bridges:

  • Wooden Bridge Icon Medium Wooden Bridge - will burn down if built on lava after a minute from construction
  • Stone Bridge Icon Medium Stone Bridge - immune to the burning effects from lava