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This is a list of known bugs in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. Bugs - by definition - are technoligical defects in the design or coding of any computer-based system. In the case of this article, bugs refer to unintended effects of gameplay that range from minor to potentially game-breaking.

Colour code:
Colour Severity
Bug icon green Minor. Little to no effect on gameplay and is not jarring.
Bug icon yellow Moderate. Has a noticeable effect on gameplay, or is somewhat jarring, but nothing too serious.
Bug icon orange Severe. Has a significant impact on gameplay, or is significantly jarring.
Bug icon red Very severe. Game-breaking or crash-causing.

Dungeon Keeper[]

  • Bug icon orange Level 10 spell bug: once a creature reaches level 10, creature spells such as Speed and Armour no longer work for its entire duration. Because of this, creatures who get these before level 10 become much weaker overall (e.g. level 9 Samurai are much more dangerous than level 10 ones). This happens because these spells are cast at the creature's experience level but spells only have 9 levels. The game looks for the level 10 value but ends up reading the next entry in the data (possibly the level 1 entry for the next spell). This affects many spells, but is particularly noticeable with Speed. Fixed in KeeperFX.
  • Bug icon orange Overflow of 8bit values: several values in the game that would increase past 255 (or eight ones in binary) would continue counting back at 0. An example is the Dexterity value for units: when, for instance, a Horned Reaper would level up enough for his Dexterity to grow past 255, he would go from a unit that could deal out consistent damage to one that would hardly ever land a hit. This is one of the reasons level 6 Horned Reapers are more powerful than level 10 ones, the other being the abovementioned level 10 spell bug. Fixed in KeeperFX.
  • Bug icon orange Strength bug: when a unit increases in level, its stats will grow a fixed percentage and thus a higher leveled creature should be stronger than a lower leveled creature. However, creatures that start out strong cannot grow enough in strength, as it is limited to 255. For reference, a level 10 Orc would have 269 strength, a level 10 Horned Reaper would have 622 strength without this bug. Fixed in KeeperFX.
  • Bug icon orange The Word of Power creature spell does not work as intended: it merely pushes creatures back a bit without actually dealing any damage to them (it is supposed to inflict 'massive damage'[1]). This does not affect the Word Of Power Trap, which does deal damage (albeit barely). This is half-fixed in KeeperFX; it does deal damage, but both the spell and the trap deal so little that it is hardly worth it. It barely gives the manual's description of the spell a trace of verisimilitude.
  • Bug icon orange
    Go through walls bug Dungeon Keeper

    With enough speed, it's possible to go through wall corners.

    Creatures can be blown through diagonal 'gaps' in corners between vertical and horizontal walls. It is also possible to manually go through corners between vertical and horizontal walls if the creatures moves fast enough (e.g. by slapping, the Speed or Speed Monster spell, or Must Obey). This is because the creature's hitbox is not updated quickly enough. It is also possible to see through the diagonal, so the area on the other side can become explored and permanently visible.
  • Bug icon red Pathfinding bug: when a level becomes too complex from a 'pathfinding' perspective, e.g. when there are too many routes from place A to B the game will fail. It may start with stuttering or flickering or units not being able to find locations they should be able to get to, and eventually the game may crash or hang. It happens more frequently in KeeperFX and can be recognized by the phrase 'Triangle error' in the log file.
  • This may have been fixed as of KeeperFX Unofficial
  • Bug icon yellow In Possess Creature mode, it is possible to manually break through neutral fortified walls. Fixed in KeeperFX but available as a 'classic bug' for user made levels that rely on this bug for completion.
  • Bug icon red When casting Teleport while possessing a Vampire, it will teleport to its Lair. However, if the Vampire does not have a Lair, it will sometimes teleport to the very top-left (north-west) corner of the map, breaking the impenetrable rock that's present there. If the player places an Imp on this tile, the game will crash.
  • Bug icon orange The 'continue save' will sometimes get lost (such as when you play a Free Play Level in KeeperFX), causing unlocked secret levels and transferred creatures to disappear. When playing a custom campaign before, which campaign this was will also be lost and the player will be given the original campaign at the 'correct' level number. For this reason, it is recommended to start the next level and save at the beginning, or save before transferring a creature or locating a hidden world. Fixed in KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.7.
  • Bug icon orange Thing limit: the game supports only a limited number of things[Note 1] (units, traps, chickens, projectiles, lights, etc) but large dungeons could need more. When the limit is reached, no new things can be created. Symptoms you may notice include creatures failing to actually attack or cast spells (despite the animations), Keeper spells failing to cast (gold will be deducted all the same), effects such as room flames and claiming 'smoke' not appearing, and creatures and parties failing to appear. One known way to get the game going again is to significantly reduce the number of creatures on the map, e.g. by getting rid of chickens (whether by selling Hatcheries or by claiming one or making a Temple sacrifice that kills all your chickens).
  • Bug icon yellow If an earth tile becomes fortified as a hero Tunneller digs it, he will carry on digging it and successfully break through it as if the fortified wall belongs to the heroes. Fixed in KeeperFX
  • Bug icon green Not all the 'Bad' speeches match up with their corresponding 'Good' speeches you hear before you start a level. Several of them are clearly meant for a different level to the one it's assigned to. What you hear after you beat level 13 (Buffy Oak) is a good example of this; it describes what happened to the Fairy Ring mentioned at the start of level 12 (Elf's Dance), and makes no sense when paired with the intro to level 13. Fixed in KeeperFX, but can be manually fixed by renaming the files in the Sound/Atlas folder.
  • Bug icon yellow The Barracks room does not function entirely as intended: it only works if there are at least three creatures in it, and one creature is left behind. Fixed in KeeperFX.
    A Dungeon Heart being improperly destroyed by Armageddon
  • Bug icon red When Armageddon is cast, creatures' instances can be transported with them to your Dungeon Heart. A major problem occurs if an Imp was claiming a tile at the time he is transported; he could actually end up claiming the tile your Heart is on, effectively destroying it (the tile will become a Claimed Path tile and as a result, your Heart will just disappear without a trace). This can cause you to instantly lose a game, even if you still have many creatures. Fixed in later versions of KeeperFX.[2]
  • Bug icon green There is a graphical glitch on eastern Library walls:
Normal Eastern
Dungeon Keeper Library wall Dungeon Keeper Library wall broken

Fixed in KeeperFX 0.4.9.

  • Bug icon yellow Reinforced corner walls remaining when a room is taken over is likely a bug; there is a subroutine that is supposed to defortify corner walls, but it seems to be bugged: one of the problems is that it counts the number of ground slabs belonging to its owner adjacent to it (vertically or horizontally: diagonally doesn't count), but for some reason, it counts rooms and claimed path as four slabs rather than one, and returns that value regardless of how many there actually are. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.4.9.
  • Bug icon green If there is a flambeau on the opposite side of a room wall tile, the room decoration on that tile will often be partially covered in brick wall. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.5.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Digging bug Dungeon Keeper

    The wrong tile is dug.

    If you dig on or through a "frail" subtile (a subtile of a wall tile that isn't actually a wall, which happens a lot in water patches) of an earth tile, the tile next to it (behind it from the direction you're facing) is dug instead, and the wall that was actually dug is left intact. This happens because the game looks at the next tile rather than subtile. The shot is normally on the tile next to the wall when it collides, but in the case of a "frail" subtile, it's on the same tile, and the game doesn't take this possibility into account; it assumes the dug wall is on the next tile. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.5; it now looks at whichever tile the next subtile is on, which will be the correct one.
  • Bug icon yellow Aim-assist in possession sees stunned creatures as valid targets. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.5.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Bridge to claimed path bug Dungeon Keeper

    No, this Bridge was not placed on path

    If you've reached the room limit (149) and sell a room tile, the game deletes the entire room and fills the entire area with claimed path. The game forgets that unlike other rooms, Bridges are not built over claimed path, but lava or water tiles, so if you sell a Bridge like this, only the tile you actually sold ends up back as the liquid it was; the rest of the Bridge is permenantly converted to claimed path, against the rules of the game. This happens even if your selling of the room does not cause it to split into multiple rooms.[3] This is pseudo-fixed in KeeperFX; it places Bridge tiles instead of claimed path tiles, but without doing room integration. This presents its own set of problems: the game won't recognise the remaining Bridge(s) as rooms, meaning they can't be sold or captured (room tiles can only be captured insofar as the room is, but here, there's no room to capture); they are permanently there and permanently yours.
  • Bug icon yellow You are unable to expand existing rooms if the game is at the room limit.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Illegal door placement destroys decoration bug Dungeon Keeper
    If you try to place a door on an illegal tile, decoration on it will be destroyed, even though you cannot build a door there. Clearly, this is only supposed to happen if the door is actually placed. The game prepares for a door placement by deleting these objects regardless of whether the attempt was successful or even legal (the check comes after this, not before). Statues, barrels, and candlesticks are affected, but flambeaux and potion bottles are not. This was fixed in KeeperFX 1.0.0; deletion of decoration will come after the door is successfully placed.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Possess Chicken Query menu visible without side panel
    When you possess a Chicken, you can toggle the side panel by pressing Tab ↹. However, this does not toggle the Query elements, which remain visible when the panel is switched off.
  • Bug icon yellow When a ranged unit encounters an enemy Dungeon Heart, (s)he'll wait only until their own sight is clear before attacking. This is not a problem if they're attacking from the sides, but if they're attacking from a corner, their shots may hit the pillar (or even the pedestal the pillar is on) instead, yet they'll continue shooting with gay abandon, not caring that their shots aren't hitting the target at all; as long as they can see the heart, they'll stand there shooting in that direction willy-nilly, regardless of whether they're actually hitting the heart. They also keep shooting if their shots are being blocked by an allied creature, who takes the hits instead and often ends up dead as a result.
  • Bug icon green When a Keeper casts Lightning Strike, the coloured spangles are out of alignment with the lightning.
  • Bug icon green A gold seam tile is supposed to hold 1024 gold, but due to technical quirks, the quantity that can be extracted from one is just short of it.
  • Bug icon green Static lights are off-centre relative to their actual position.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Zooming scrolling bug Dungeon Keeper
    If you zoom somewhere (e.g. a creature) whilst holding a direction key, the camera will sometimes get stuck scrolling in the direction whose key you were holding, until it loops back on the other side and reaches the target position. During this time, you have no control over anything. This bug happens because the game zooms straight to the target position on each axis, but doesn't consider that the camera may already be moving due to user input, which might cause the camera to overstep its target on one axis, so the game just keeps on going on that axis until it loops back and reaches its target. It is more likely to occur when zoomed out. In KeeperFX, this bug is game-breaking: the camera does not loop back to the other end, and keeps going in the direction whose key you pressed, regardless of the map boundary; this means that you're stuck going into the wide blue yonder (in which there is absolutely nothing) with no control over anything until either the more than four billion turns it takes for this state to expire have passed or the coördinate overflows and reaches the target, both of which would take quite some time (the former, years!).[verification needed]
  • Bug icon green If you drop a creature on a subtile with a wall immediately to the north or west (make sure the cursor position is right next to the wall; the box only shows which tile you're dropping the creature on, not which subtile), there will be no dropping animation and the creature will be sent straight to the floor. This happens only for creatures whose z axis hitbox is taller than a subtile (because creatures are always dropped from a certain height), and happens because subtiles that have a wall immediately adjacent to the north or west have the same ceiling height as the wall: the ceiling is lower than it is apparently supposed to be, and lower than anywhere else you can drop creatures. Therefore, such creatures are hitting the ceiling (their hitbox reaches higher than it) when dropped there, which the game deals with by simply placing them on the floor at the nearest valid position. Ceilings on subtiles with walls adjacent to the south or east are higher; the bug therefore does not occur there. This discrepency may also be a bug in itself.
  • Bug icon green Neutral claimed path tiles do not mesh properly against owned claimed path (there is much less of a border between it and the adjacent owned claimed path than there should be), unless it is pre-placed. Fixed in KeeperFX 1.1.0.
  • Bug icon green Torches with a wall to the right (regardless of camera orientation) have a gap between them and the wall.

Dungeon Keeper FX[]

A full list of known KeeperFX bugs can be found on the KeeperFX issue tracker. Some notable ones are:

  • Bug icon yellow The view type 'Forced Perspective' works only well in low resolutions. In the new resolutions KeeperFX has introduced, objects will clip and graphical glitches will occur when a player wants to play with 'straight walls'.
  • Bug icon orange The 320x200 and 320x240 resolutions are totally broken: weird things such as clicks not registering in the correct place, and in possession mode, things moving towards the corner of the screen the further away you are from it, and towards the centre from the corner the closer you are. The game is pretty much unplayable in this resolution. Partially fixed in KeeperFX, and was mostly fixed in 0.5.
  • Bug icon orange The Control Panel does not scale to the higher resolutions. It only appears full-sized at 320x200, 640x400, 1280x800, and 1920x1080. However, in KeeperFX 0.5, a placefiller graphic appears if the gap is significant, like in Dungeon Keeper Direct3D.
  • Bug icon yellow The game does not add more than one creature of a specific type and level to the dead creatures list. This means that you can only resurrect one fallen minion of a certain type and level, even with multiple Resurrect Creature specials. Fixed in KeeperFX Unofficial
  • Bug icon orange Saving a game after victory and reloading it causes you to lose all your points and the game to fail to mark the level as completed after leaving it. Possibly happened in the original game as well.
  • Bug icon orange The Word of Power spell doesn't seem to do any damage to doors. Fixed in KeeperFX Unofficial
  • Bug icon orange Packet writing/replaying does not work properly in Forced Perspective mode (however, KeeperFX Unofficial adds a way to replay packet files in Forced Perspective mode).
  • Bug icon orange A bug in the game's collision detection causes Boulder Traps to pass through things in a Hatchery, leaving them unaffected. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.4.9.
  • Bug icon green When a door is sold or destroyed, there is a 1 in 4 chance of it playing the slapping sound instead of a rocks sound. This happens because an error in the code causes the sample immediately after the intended ones (which happens to be the slapping sound) to be included in the range from which the game randomly draws. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.5.
  • Bug icon green Lights will flicker and die if they go "out of bounds" beyond the north or west boundary of the map. This bug was introduced in version 0.4.6 but fixed in 0.5.
  • Bug icon green In Forced Perspective, the cursor light is not only not extinguished when the cursor is over the Control Panel, but it is stuck where the cursor was before until the cursor is taken off the panel. Fixed in 0.5; behaviour now matches the wibbly view.
  • Bug icon yellow When possessing your Floating Spirit after being defeated, you'll slowly fall to the floor. This happens all the time, but is most noticeable when you're stationary. Fixed in KeeperFX 0.5.
  • Bug icon orange Once in a blue moon, creatures' footsteps will, without warning or apparent reason, switch to playing completely the wrong sound. This seems to have been a heap issue.
  • Bug icon yellow When creatures are heading for a Treasure Room to collect their wage on payday, but encounter a locked door on the way, they'll queue up behind it and wait for the way to be unblocked before proceeding (and the Mentor alerts you to the fact they are "unable" to reach the room), even if there's another route they can take. These should only happen if there's no way for them to reach their destination; they should take any available, unblocked route to the Treasure Room.
  • Multiplayer is unstable and crash-prone:
  • Bug icon red Using spells such as Drain and Lightning causes the game to crash.
  • Bug icon red Possessing a creature can cause the game to crash.
  • Bug icon red Enabling Computer Assistance causes the game to crash.
  • Bug icon red If the host leaves or crashes, the game crashes for everyone else.
  • Bug icon red If someone other than the host leaves or crashes, the host automatically and immediately becomes a computer player, leaving the player with absolutely no control over anything (they can't even quit the game). All the host can do is spectate what the AI is doing. Fixed in KeeperFX
  • Much of this is fixed as of 0.5, though multiplayer still isn't completely stable.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

  • Bug icon orange SafeDisc: The copy-protection used on DK2 called 'SafeDisc' will usually make the game unable to launch on Microsoft Windows 7 and beyond. You need specialized tools to remove Safedisc before the game can be played. The GOG version has this already fixed.
  • Bug icon red Hardware acceleration often does not work on modern machines at all, causing black screens or crashes immediately at launch. Compatibility mode might work, otherwise use the GOG version, on which this is fixed, or disable hardware acceleration for the game.
  • Bug icon red Multiple processor cores: Having multiple processor cores (like all modern PCs do) will make playing the game unstable and may cause crashes. Disabling all but one processor core will improve the game's stability.
  • Bug icon orange Attraction bug: in game versions past 1.5 (including GOG) on many campaign maps several creatures will no longer be attracted through the Portals, most notably Dark Angels but, depending on the maps, also others. This is because the campaign maps are not updated to match the patched game executable. Fix this yourself by saving the maps for the proper version with the level editor or download fixed maps online.
  • Bug icon orange Threat level assessment bug: in version 1.7 (including GOG) the enemy Keeper will no longer be able to estimate how much of a threat an invading army is. This causes it to try to defend from any army the player throws at it with merely a single Imp and perhaps a Goblin. To be able to have a working enemy Keeper, avoid version 1.7 or get GIM.
  • Bug icon orange North/South bug: units fighting from the South are always stronger than those fighting from the North. This means that when two otherwise equal units fight, the one from below will win, giving the player starting on that position a distinct advantage.
  • Bug icon yellow
    Burning Wooden Bridge bug Dungeon Keeper 2

    Bridge tiles reset to full health

    Sell burning Wooden Bridge bug Dungeon Keeper 2
    When a tile of a burning Wooden Bridge is destroyed or sold, the rest of the bridge resets to full health. (1.7 only)
  • Bug icon yellow The manufacture value of the first item manufactured is the one used for all future manufactured items.
  • Bug icon orange The in-game cheats only seem to work with certain keyboard layouts (such as the UK one).
  • Bug icon green When your Dungeon Heart's health hits 50 per cent, the Mentor will announce that it's dying even if it's actually gaining health.
  • Bug icon green If you load a game while your Dungeon Heart is under attack, its icon on the interface will keep flashing indefinitely.
  • Bug icon orange If you possess a sleeping creature, then enemies and most traps will not be able to detect them. Spike Traps will fire but not detect. Freeze Traps will fire, and because it ends possession, will cause the creature to be detected. (Unsure how this effect works in Human-Human multiplayer)
  • Bug icon green Sometimes, after a battle in or near a Library, the sound of paper flying will play repeatedly and indefinitely, wherever you are. The only known way to stop it is to quit and reload the game.
  • Bug icon yellow The number of Imps allowed to dig a face of a tile seems inconsistent.
  • Bug icon green
    Dungeon Keeper 2 Fighting Neutral Creature

    You are able to fight neutral creatures in the Combat Pit.

    Dungeon Keeper 2 Captured Neutral Creature

    You can pick up and torture neutral creatures as normal.

    It's possible to take over Prisons, Torture Champers or Combat Pits containing neutral creatures and then continue to imprison, torture and fight these neutral creatures, or be able to pick them up. These creatures are imprisoned or tortured as normal, and your creatures can fight these in the Combat Pit (they will not fight back). Outside of these rooms, if you drop the neutral creatures near your own creatures they will join you as normal.

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Known bugs & glitches have most likely been in the game since released and are unable to be fixed.

Deegg & Dugger & Thunderbolt Glitch[]

Verdict: Bug & Glitch

This glitch involves when a player has Deegg & Dugger defending a dungeon, if the opposing player clicks the thunderbolt spell then cancels, their dungeon will receive 10% damage. It is common to see in a replay that player does between 40% to 50% damage to your dungeon, yet still win. It does not take into account the extra 10% damage they are doing to your dungeon.To defend yourself against this glitch, don’t use Deegg & Dugger to defend your dungeon. To take advantage of this glitch, if you notice a Deegg & Dugger, activate the Thunderbolt spell, then cancel it. This will cost no mana and cause 10% damage. This still works even if the Deegg & Duggar has been knocked out. Fun Fact: If you use do this on the final campaign mission, it will do 36% damage to the dungeon due to the amount of Deegg & Duggers there are.

Training Room guild bonus not applying[]

Verdict: Bug

This bug occurs when you log into the game, raided a player, or played a campaign. The bonus time that is applied from guilds (depending on its level) will not be applied to the training time. To fix this bug, you need to do one of the following watch a replay, visit another players dungeon, or add an imp to bolster the training room. Pay attention to this bug because you could waste gems using acceleration boosts

Immortal recovery times changing[]

Verdict: Bug

This is the same bug as the training room, the guild bonus has not been applied. To fix this, simply equip another immortal and it will apply the bonus. Note that your immortal may be knocked out again after a raid, just repeat the process to fix it.

Building Complete Crash Loop[]

Verdict: Bug

This bug causes the game to crash, reload, then crash non stop until the game is closed. This is bug was introduce in 8.1 and still occurs at times. The bug appears to be with a building being completed too early, it is unknown what causes this. To overcome this bug, shut down the app and reload. After that, immediately watch a reply or visit another dungeon. This will fix the issue.

Trolls keep going for Anti Air traps for no reason[]

Verdict: Probably a feature, or a glitch

This happens when a troll is close to an anti air trap that has been revealed. This is common if you are using the scouting boost, used dragon breath or used bomb wall on an anti air trap. It is not known if this is done on purpose by the developers. This can be used to your advantage when planning your dungeon layout as you can use anti air traps to distract trolls or pull them into desired areas. Disabling an anti air trap has no effect, trolls will still go out of their way to destroy them.

Trolls are going through doors even though the traps would be much quicker to go through[]

Verdict: Not a bug

While it seems most of the time that minions will take the path of least resistance, this doesn’t seem to be the case for trolls. It appears if there are 2 traps in a trolls way, they will take the door instead. If they trap attacks the troll, they will go for it if its not too far away.

Trolls behaviour is really stupid[]

Verdict: Feature

This isn’t a bug or glitch, Trolls are just really stupid.

Minion spawning times changing after watching replays or visiting dungeons[]

Verdict: Bug

This appears to be similar to the training room bug in that it doesn’t apply the guild perk, if you do visit a dungeon or watch a replay, it will shorten the spawn times to their accurate amount.

Upgraded something, game crashed, but I still have all the resources[]

Verdict: Glitch though probably not possible to replicate

This is very rare, but it can happen. Anecdote from Farket: “After upgrading a wall to level 13, the resources went and the game immediately crashed. Upon returning to the game, I still had the level 13 wall though I had the 8 million stone that it cost me. This occurred during a wall promotion”.

Watching a replay, Immortals don't die or run off the map[]

Verdict: Visual bug

This only occurs in the replay, but doesn’t actually occur when they attack.

Trolls destroy a trap, but keep standing there attacking nothing[]

Verdict: Bug

This is caused by using the Bomb Wall spell. To avoid this bug occurring, use the bomb wall spell before deploying any trolls.

Deegg & Dugger digging though facing the wrong way during a replay[]

Verdict: Visual bug

This is purely a visual bug, it’s just confusing to witness during the replay.


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  1. 'Things' refers to anything classed as a 'thing' in the code, including creatures, corpses, and effects, not just stuff that fits the everyday definition of 'thing'.

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