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Bullfrog Productions was a UK computer game developer that was founded in 1987 by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux. The company achieved recognition in 1989 for their third release, Populous.

Bullfrog are perhaps best known by the members of this wiki for producing the games in the Dungeon Keeper series.

Dungeon Keeper FX features a Bullfrog-themed cinematic as an Easter Egg.



  • There are a few variations of the logo:
    • There is sometimes only a white background on the frame with the bullfrog (see here).
    • There is sometimes a border around the whole logo.
    • The bullfrog (especially the hands and feet) is sometimes slightly different to what is seen here (see here).
  • Bullfrog standard

    Bullfrog flag

    The Bullfrog logo could be seen on standards in the 2014 Dungeon Keeper game by Mythic Entertainment, such as ones that appear when a room is captured and those on Guild Lairs.


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