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The Casino is a room in Dungeon Keeper 2 and Dungeon Keeper Online.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Casino art Dungeon Keeper 2

Concept Art. Visible here is a fruit machine, which does not appear to be in the final game

The Casino is a useful room where your creatures can drink ale until they collapse and waste their gold on roulette and cards. You can change the pay-out to either raise gold lost through paydays or to increase creature happiness.

Your creatures love gaming, so constructing a Casino so that they can fulfil their punting cravings can do wonders for their mood. Creatures who gamble for two minutes become fearless (they won't flee from battle in fear) for another two minutes.[1]

Skeletons (with the possible exception of Bane) cannot use the Casino. Black Knights use the roulette tables very rarely and drink most of the time.

The Casino is Rogues' favourite room, and naturally a prerequisite for their recruitment.

Payout Meter[]


The payout lever. The Casino can be set to 'generous' mode (right), or the mean 'rigged' mode (left)

The level of payouts is decided by you, the Keeper. If you set the Payout Meter to ‘Smiley’, your creatures will flock to the Casino. Creatures in the Casino gain 1 gold and lose 6 annoyance every second. There is a 1-in-5000 chance per creature of the jackpot being hit.[1] A night on the tiles in a Casino that pays out naturally heightens your creatures’ happiness, but may end up costing you a pretty penny. Slapping the gold-laden creature makes him drop a good deal of his winnings, which can then be picked up. Of course, jackpot-winning creatures will not be best pleased at having their gold stolen, which will naturally be reflected in their happiness rating. If other creatures see your miserly actions, you may even incite a mutiny.

On the other hand, if you set the meter to 'Money', you can make more money. However, this will significantly reduce your creatures’ happiness ratings: it makes creatures lose 8 gold every second and gain 3 annoyance every 10 seconds. The chance per creature of the jackpot being hit is reduced to 1-in-20,000.[1]

There is no in-between mode; you're taking a risk whichever mode you have it set to. The only way to avoid taking a risk is to not have a Casino at all. If you have plenty of Imps and access to a gem seam, you should be good to go with the 'Smiley' mode. You should normally only use the 'rigged' mode if you're low on money and desperate for cash, as the cost to your creatures' happiness is unlikely to be worth it if you have another steady source of income.


Casino Jackpot Dungeon Keeper 2

'Jackpot winner!'

When a creature hits a jackpot, the Mentor shouts "JACKPOT WINNER!" and the creatures in the Casino briefly celebrate, complete with rowdy and gay fireworks and exuberant dancing to "Disco Inferno". The winner is marked with a small gold symbol floating above him. The creature will then head to the Dungeon Heart or a Treasury to collect their winnings (usually a very large quantity of gold, equal to the quantity paid at payday for every creature owned). Researchers and manufacturers also work 35 per cent faster for one minute, but if the jackpot is not paid within 4 minutes, all creatures' annoyance doubles,[1] so you'd better be able to pay the jackpot pronto if you don't want your creatures' moods to go from very gay to very tetchy very quickly, which is difficult to avoid even at the best of times.

The jackpot gaieties abruptly cease if you cast a Call to Arms.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

The Casino was available in Dungeon Keeper Online, and served the same purpose as in Dungeon Keeper 2.[2] It also had the same icon.


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