Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Casino Icon Medium
Attracts Rogue
Health per Tile 10000
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The Casino is a useful room where your creatures can drink ale until they collapse and waste their gold on roulette and cards. You can change the pay out to either raise gold lost through paydays or to increase creature happiness.

When a creature hits a jackpot, the Mentor shouts "JACKPOT WINNER!" and the creatures in the Casino throw a jolly, complete with gay lights and exuberant dancing to "Disco Inferno". The winner is marked with a small gold symbol floating above him. He will then head to the treasury and collect a very large amount of gold (equal to the amount paid at payday for every creature owned). Researchers and manufacturers also work 35 per cent faster for one minute, but if the jackpot is not paid within 4 minutes, all creatures' annoyance doubles.[1]

Skeletons cannot use the casino. Black Knights use the roulettes very rarely and drink most of the time.

Your creatures love a bit of a flutter, so providing them with a Casino in which to satisfy their gambling urges is a good way of upping their happiness ratings. Creatures who gamble for 2 minutes become fearless (they won't flee from battle in fear) for another 2 minutes.[1]

As Keeper, you decide the level of payouts at the Casino (Click on the $ sign if you want to rip off your creatures and on the Smiley face if you want to pamper your creatures’ pathetic little egos). If you set the Payout Meter in the Casino to ‘Smiley’, your creatures will flock to the Casino. Creatures in the Casino gain 1 Gold and lose 6 Annoyance every second. There is a 1-in-5000 chance per creature of the jackpot being hit.[1] A night on the tiles in a casino that actually pays out naturally heightens your creatures’ happiness but may end up costing you a pretty penny! Should you wish to re-coup some of these lost funds, slapping the Gold-laden creature with the Hand of Evil (see the Hand of Evil section 3.7) causes him to drop a large portion of his winnings, which you can then pick up. Unsurprisingly, jackpot-winning creatures are not best pleased at having their Gold thieved by you, and this is reflected in their happiness rating. If other creatures are witness to your skinflint actions you may provoke a mutiny!

On the other hand, if you set the meter to 'Money', you stand to make more money, but at a cost to your creatures’ happiness ratings; it makes creatures lose 8 Gold every second and gain 3 Annoyance every 10 seconds. The chance per creature of the jackpot begin hit is reduced to 1-in-20,000.[1]

References Edit

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