"Your creatures have discovered a mysterious magic box.."

A Dungeon Special as seen in Dungeon Keeper

DK2 magicalitem

A magical item as seen in DK2

Dungeon Specials (also known as Magical Items in Dungeon Keeper 2) are a set of bonuses that can be found in some levels. They are often well hidden, being difficult to find or reach, but their rewards are most useful, and can easily change the tide of battle.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

Your imps will carry specials they find to your library for safe-keeping. The AI keepers will also hoard any specials they find, however the AI will never activate the special. This means you can capture it from them.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

Once the terrain under a magical item is claimed, the claiming player can activate the item by clicking on it. If the owner's imps get to it before it is used, they will carry the item back to a Library as long as there is shelf space remaining. Once it is placed on a shelf, it can be activated either by clicking on the item itself, or by clicking on its icon in the Spells tab of the GUI.

Note: only 10 magical items will show up at a time in the Spells tab. If you have more unused items than that, you will not be able to activate some of them unless you find and click on them in your Library.

Dungeon Specials
Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
Increase levelIncrease Level / Locate hidden worldLocate Hidden World / Make safeMake Safe / Multiply creaturesMultiply Creatures / Resurrect creatureResurrect Creature / Reveal mapReveal Map / Steal heroSteal Hero / Transfer creatureTransfer Creature
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
Destroywalls tinyDestroy Walls / Healall tinyHeal All / Increasegold tinyIncrease Gold / Increaselevel tinyIncrease Level / Killcreatures tinyKill Creatures / Locatehiddenland tinyLocate Hidden Land / Makehappy tinyMake Happy / Makesafe tinyMake Safe / Makeunhappy tinyMake Unhappy / Manaboost tinyMana Boost / Receiveimps tinyReceive Imps / Revealmap tinyReveal Map / Stunimps tinyStun Imps / Locatehiddenland tinyTransfer Creature

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