CaveIn Icon Small Cave-In is an area-of-effect Keeper Spell which causes rocks to fall, damaging nearby creatures and causing them to flee. It can be cast on any open area and only affects creatures, but can be useful to divert enemy creatures away and buy yourself time. This spell can usually do enough damage to enemy Imp-icon Imps to kill them, so can be useful for keeping them away. This spell can be used to abuse the fleeing properties of certain enemies, as they will always return to their point of origin (either where they were placed on the map or their Lair Icon Small Lair), so if the player has a large supply of gold, they can keep a creature trapped in place and slowly kill them with a large number of castings. Note also that creatures killed by this spell do not leave corpses. If a Vampire-icon Vampire is killed by this spell, it will not resurrect.

Keeper Spells
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