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This page lists known, verified (except where noted), cheat codes and other ways to cheat (without using trainers or the like) for Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Dungeon Keeper[]


Note: these do not work on the final retail game.

Cheat Menus[]

  • Pressing ⌅ Enter on the number pad brings up this cheat menu:
Cheat Codes
Code Effect
Place tunneller mode Places a red level 1 Tunneller.
Place creature mode Places a red Ghost (21 May 1997 build), or a random creature (28 May 1997 build), of a random level. Only creates creatures, never heroes.
Place hero mode Places a white random hero of a random level.
Destroy Walls mode Casts Destroy Walls (However, this still costs gold).
Disease mode Casts Disease (still costs gold).
Peter mode Casts Chicken (still costs gold).
Passenger control mode Allows you to view what the target is doing from its point of view in Possess Creature mode, but offers no control over it (similar to what happens when a Chicken is possessed). Only works on your own creatures.
Direct control mode Casts Possess Creature. Only works on your own creatures.
Order creature mode Enables you to order the target around the level. You click on the target, and then the destination, and the creature will go there.

  • Possessing a creature and pressing F12 bring up this menu:

Selecting 'Give controlled creature spells' brings up this menu, though it doesn't seem to be functional:


Level Select[]

To skip to a specific level, run the game with the / level n (where n is the level number) parameter.

Dungeon Keeper FX[]

Cheat Menus[]


As above, but the menus have more options and are easier to use. The codes are the same as the prototypes, but the game needs to be run with the -alex parameter.

As of KeeperFX 0.4.9, these cheats are as follows:

Cheat Codes
Code Effect
Place digger mode Places a Tunneller or an Imp, depending on the player selected via the number pad. Level is selected via the numbers (0 for 10); the default is 1.
Place creature mode Places the selected creature of the selected level belonging to the player selected on the number pad. Default is the player you are playing as. Only creates creatures, never heroes. Press ⇧ Shift to cycle through creatures.
Place hero mode Same as above, but for heroes.
Destroy Walls mode Casts Destroy Walls (free).
Disease mode Casts Disease (free).
Peter mode Casts Chicken (free).
Create gold mode Places a Gold pot at the co-ordinates clicked on.
Steal room mode Takes over a room when you click on it. The new owner is specified by the number pad. Default is the player you are playing as.
Destroy room mode Destroys a room you click on.
Steal slab mode Takes over an ownable slab you click on. Player is specified by via the number pad. Default is the player you are playing as. Dirt path becomes claimed path and earth tiles become fortified walls.
Place terrain mode Places the specified (via the number pad) terrain type at the co-ordinates you click on. Owner is selected via the keyboard numbers. Other terrain types can be selected by shifting through them with the ⇧ Shift key.

0 - Dungeon Keeper Impenetrable Rock icon.png Impenetrable rock
1 - Dungeon Keeper Gold Seam icon.png Gold seam
2 - Dungeon Keeper Gem Seam icon.png Gem seam
3 - Dungeon Keeper Earth icon.png Earth
4 - Dungeon Keeper Earth icon.png Earth (with torch(es))
5 - Dungeon Keeper Dirt Path icon.png Dirt path
6 - Dungeon Keeper Claimed Path icon.png Claimed path
7 - Dungeon Keeper Lava icon.png Lava
8 - Dungeon Keeper Water icon.png Water
9 - Dungeon Keeper Reinforced Wall icon.png Reinforced wall

Passenger control mode Same as above; allows you to view what the target is doing from its point of view in Possess Creature mode, but offers no control over it. Now works with every creature.
Direct control mode Casts Possess Creature. Now works on every creature, though the view may be buggy when used on creatures not owned by you.
Order creature mode Same as above; enables you to order the target around the level.
Kill creature mode Kills the target creature.
Destroy thing mode Destroys the selected thing, completely removing it from the game. Doors crumble; everything else simply vanishes.
Turncoat mode Changes the owner of the target creature. Player is specified via the number pad. Default is the player you are playing as.
Level up mode Increases the experience level of the target creature.
Level down mode Decreases the experience level of the target creature.
Query mode Same as querying, but works on any creature, or even any thing or room (using it on non-creatures brings up a dialogue box with information on it; however, this is not updated as it's displayed).
Make happy mode Erases all the target creature's anger.
Make angry mode Makes the target creature extremely angry.
Kill player mode Instantly destroys the player selected via the number pad, provided that player has a Dungeon Heart.
Edit heart health Pressing + or - increments and decrements the chosen player's Dungeon Heart's health respectively, and pressing ⇧ Shift and comma (<) or full stop (>) decrements and increments it by 100 respectively. Pressing ⇧ Shift and forward slash (?) displays its current health. Use the number keys to select the player.

Pressing ⌅ Enter whilst in possession brings up this menu.

  • Give controlled creature spells brings up the same menu as above, but still doesn't seem to work.

FireballMeteorFreezeArmourLightningReboundHealPoison CloudInvisibilityTeleportSpeedSlowDrainFearMissileNavigating MissileFlame BreathWindLightFlightSightGrenadeHailstormWord of PowerFartDigArrowGrenadeDiseaseChickenTime BombDungeon Keeper FX Cheat Menu 3.png

Pressing F12 whilst in possession of a creature brings up this menu, which allows you to select its "instance", regardless of whether it's actually available. The currently-selected instance is highlighted.

All three menus can be moved around the screen.

Level Select[]

Same as above, but with no space between the / (which can also be -) and 'level'.

Level Skip/Navigation[]

Run the game with the -alex parameter, then use the following key combinations on the level screen:

  • ^ Ctrl+F10 - skip to next level
  • ^ Ctrl+F9 - return to previous level
  • ^ Ctrl+F11 - show all levels, including the secret ones (including the Full Moon level). However, this seems to show the flags for the levels of all campaigns, so things can get confusing.
Dungeon Keeper Level Flags Cheat.png

Unverified codes[]

These codes have circulated, but have not been demonstrated to work on any known build of the game. It is unknown which version(s) they are supposed to work on, whether certain conditions need to be met, or if these are fake.

Location Code Effect Source(s)
Main Menu please give all Unlock everything [1][2][3][4][5]
in-game DKLVLSKP Level skip [6][7]
in-game DKLLSTERS All monsters available [6][7]
in-game DKND End level [6][7]

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Level Select[]

Run the game with the -level levelname -q (where levelname is 'level' for a campaign level, or 'secret' for a secret level, followed (without a space) by the number)[8] For levels with multiple versions, append the letter to the number. For example, to go to version b of Carnage, enter:

-level level11b -q.

You can actually enter any level name, as long as a level by that exact name exists in the maps subdirectory.


Press ^ Ctrl+⎇ Alt+C during a game (you'll hear a door sliding sound), then enter one of the following codes (note: these seem to only work with certain keyboard layouts, such as the UK layout (but not the UK Extended layout). However, you do not need a physical UK keyboard; you can simply install the UK layout (or any other layout) in Windows and use that for the game.):

Cheat Codes
Code Effect Source
do not fear the reaper Win current level [8]
now the rain has gone Reveal map [8]
ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway Gain 100,000 Mana[Note 1] [9]
feel the power All your creatures instantly level up to level 10 [9]
this is my church All rooms become available [9]
fit the best All traps and doors become available [9]
i believe its magic All spells become available [9]
show me the money Give yourself gold[Note 2] [10]

On successful entry of a code, the same sliding sound is heard. A slightly heavier one indicates that an incorrect code was entered.

On version 1.51 and higher, cheats are disabled in multiplayer mode.

Unlock secret levels[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Secret Levels registry.png

Using a registry editor, go to Configuration\Player where the settings for Dungeon Keeper 2 are stored (e.g. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bullfrog Productions Ltd\Dungeon Keeper II). Edit the Secret Levels value so that there are four 4-octet booleans set to true adjacent to each other (in layman's terms, put a 1 followed by three zeros). Make sure to delete any extra values resulting from this action; if this value's isn't the right size (see the screenshot), the game will remove it and overwrite it with all zeroes.

Unlock campaign levels[]

In the 'Player Level Status' value in the registry are 25 4-octet integers, each representing its corresponding level's availability status. Setting each one to 1 will unlock every non-secret campaign level, including all versions of the multiple-choice levels. If you've already beaten the campaign, simply change each non-1 (for every 4 octets; leave the three 0s in between each value alone) to a 1. Make sure the 'Level Number' value is correct (this seems to include the multiple-choice levels, so the maximum value is higher than 20), or the game may get confused as to which level you're currently on.

Unlock Chicken spell in Campaign mode[]

The Chicken spell is only available in Campaign mode after you win all the secret levels (excluding Imp Invasion).[11] To make the game think you've done so, do the same as above (Unlock secret levels), but on the Secret Levels Completed value.

Transfer creature[]

Go the game's registry settings (e.g. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bullfrog Productions Ltd\Dungeon Keeper II). In Configuration\Player, there are two settings: Transfer Creature ID and Transfer Creature Level. These values determine which creature will be "transferred" when you next load a level and its experience level (and are reset to 0 when a level is loaded).

The creature values (in decimal) are as follows:

  1. Imp pickup.jpg Imp
  2. Prince icon.jpg Prince Tristran
  3. Bile Demon pickup.jpg Bile Demon
  4. Mistress pickup.jpg Mistress
  5. Warlock.jpg Warlock
  6. Darkelf.jpg Dark Elf
  7. Goblin icon.jpg Goblin
  8. Vampire pickup.jpg Vampire
  9. Skeleton pickup.jpg Skeleton
  10. Troll pickup.jpg Troll
  11. Salamander icon.jpg Salamander
  12. Firefly.jpg Firefly
  13. Knight-icon.png Knight
  14. Dwarf Icon.png Dwarf
  15. Giant icon.jpg Giant
  16. Wizard icon.jpg Wizard
  17. Elven Archer Icon.png Elven Archer
  18. Thief icon.jpg Thief
  19. Monkpickup.png Monk
  20. Fairypickup.png Fairy
  21. King 2.jpg King Reginald
  22. Black Knight-icon.png Black Knight
  23. Dark Angel-icon.png Dark Angel
  24. Rogue.jpg Rogue
  25. Guard Icon.png Guard
  26. Prince icon.jpg Prince Felix
  27. Horny Icon.png Horny
  28. Stone Knight 1.jpg Stone Knight
  29. Lord of the Land icon.jpg Lord of the Land
  30. Royal Guard tiny.png Royal Guard
  31. Prince icon.jpg Prince Balder
  32. Firefly.jpg Firefly (Elite)
  33. Goblin icon.jpg Goblin (Elite)
  34. Warlock.jpg Warlock (Elite)
  35. Troll pickup.jpg Troll (Elite)
  36. Darkelf.jpg Dark Elf (Elite)
  37. Skeleton pickup.jpg Skeleton (Elite)
  38. Mistress pickup.jpg Mistress (Elite)
  39. Salamander icon.jpg Salamander (Elite)
  40. Rogue.jpg Rogue (Elite)
  41. Bile Demon pickup.jpg Bile Demon (Elite)
  42. Vampire pickup.jpg Vampire (Elite)
  43. Black Knight-icon.png Black Knight (Elite)
  44. Dark Angel-icon.png Dark Angel (Elite)
  45. Maiden.jpg Maiden
  46. Jack

See Also[]


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  1. Requires version 1.51 or above.
  2. Gives up to 100,000 gold, subject to Dungeon Heart and Treasury space limitations.
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