This is the page for the the Keeper Spell. For the creature and food source, see Chicken (Creature). For the creature spell that was cut from Dungeon Keeper, see Chicken (Creature Spell).

The Chicken spell is a spell available in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. It allows the player to transform an enemy creature into a harmless chicken, causing them to be unable to attack and therefore try to retreat. It can only be cast on your territory.

Description (Dungeon Keeper)

This spell is very useful against particularly tough enemy, such as those with Rebound, as they cannot cast any spells during the time they are transformed, thus leaving them open to attack if timed well. The spell can also be used in a similar fashion to the Cave In spell, causing the enemy to retreat, giving you more time to get ready or meaning you have less enemies to fight at once, leading to less casualties on your side. Use the spell sparingly however, as it can be rather expensive, costing up to 3000 gold a use. It is also not advised to use it against some faster enemies, or those far away from your creatures in a fight, as they will retreat while hexed, meaning they can escape your creatures and in fact doing the opposite of what you intended by making it harder to kill them.

Interestingly, creatures transformed into chickens will also seek out Hatcheries, and if they are eaten by any creatures while in this form they will die. Tasty.

If any of your creatures have been affected by this spell, dropping them in the Temple will cure them. Sacrificing 2 Bile Demons will turn all of your creatures into chickens.

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