DK2 claimedpath

Several tiles of the player's claimed path as seen in DK2

Claimed Path is a type of passable terrain that belongs to the player, and is marked by four flagstones with a dot of the player's color in the middle (If it belongs to another faction, it is known as "Enemy Path".). It is the only terrain on which the player can build a room, a trap, or a door. On most maps, the player starts out with a certain number of these tiles already claimed, but any more must be gained by having one's Imps claim a tile of Dirt Path that is adjacent to an existing tile of claimed path or room belonging to the player.

If an enemy Keeper's territory runs into the player's, enemy Imps can turn the player's claimed path back into Dirt Path, and then claim it for their master. However, the player's Imps can claim it back if they are able to work in safety, and when an enemy Keeper is defeated, all of the Enemy Path belonging to them reverts back to Dirt Path.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

In Dungeon Keeper, there are three styles of Claimed Path:

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

In Dungeon Keeper 2, another benefit of claimed path tiles is that each one generates 1 mana per turn for the player, up to a maximum of 500 mana per turn.

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