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The Combat Pit (also known as the Arena[1]) is a room that can be built in Dungeon Keeper 2. It allows creatures to reach higher levels than in the Training Room.


With the Training Room only allowing a maximum level of 4, the Combat Pit's level limit of 8 makes it a worthwhile purchase. However, creatures in the Combat Pit will fight each other until reaching level 8, or until they are knocked out, or all other creatures are knocked out. If Imps are not nearby to pick up the fallen and take them to their Lairs, they will die. Creatures within the pit have to be fighting to gain experience. Any mixture of creatures can be placed in the pit. It is also possible to drop enemy creatures from the Prison and will function the same.

When fighting in the pit, creatures only take 20% of normal damage and do double melee damage.


  • The Heal spell can be cast on creatures in the Combat Pit to sustain them while fighting. This is ineffective when there are lots of creatures fighting or when you have low Mana. An alternative is that you possess a level 2+ Warlock, as they can cast Heal without the restriction of mana.
  • Warlocks attack slowly, using Fireballs, which deal low damage; this makes it very easy for them to gain levels in the Combat Pit. Two Warlocks will both reach level 4 if placed in at level 1 before one is knocked out.
  • Dark Mistresses will need constant watching, as their high damage and low life make their time in the Combat Pit very short.
  • Ranged attackers (Warlocks, Dark Elves, and their goodly counterparts) sometimes continue to attack any creature in the Combat Pit regardless of its level. Therefore, if you want to get all your creatures to level 8, those should be trained last.
  • The Combat Pit can't be used to train Imps and Dwarves.
  • Try to monitor your Combat Pit if possible, and drop in a couple of Imps each time you see a creature being knocked out; it is not uncommon for creatures to die in the Combat Pit, especially if your Imps are dying trying to claim land or pre-occupied with digging.
  • While Skeletons can be trained in the Combat Pit, keep in mind that they are destroyed when their health is fully depleted. If you train Skeletons here, keep a close eye on them and health them or remove them from the pit before their health bottoms out.
  • Try placing Bile Demons between a pair/trio of Dark Angels, Vampires or Mistresses. Their slow and weak attacks combined with their high health make Bile Demons ideal punching bags.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

In Dungeon Keeper Online, the Combat Pit's name translates to Arena,[2] like in Japanese Dungeon Keeper 2.[1] The room functions very similarly to its Dungeon Keeper 2 counterpart, and can also only train a creature to level 8.[2] It uses the same icon as Dungeon Keeper 2.


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