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Combat Points were a currency in Dungeon Keeper, earned by raiding enemy Keepers.

They were used to upgrade your Dungeon Heart up until level 10 and to recruit certain Immortals.

Earning Combat Points[]


You could earn Combat Points by raiding enemy Keepers, defending against other Keepers, and by doing certain challenges. Challenges, particularly Immortal challenges, only provided a certain quantity, and can not be repeated.

Raiding Keepers was the primary way to earn Combat Points. DK Premium increased the number earned by 40 per cent.

Spending Combat Points[]

  • Dungeon Heart - From levels 1 to 10, Dungeon Hearts required Combat Points to upgrade.
  • Horny - Cost 200 Combat Points to permanently with a level 1 Guard Post.
  • Deegg & Dugger - Cost 1,500 Combat Points to recruit with a level 3 Guard Post.
  • Magmaw - Cost 50,000 Combat Points to recruit with a level 7 Guard Post and a DCR of 200.