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Computer Assistance is a feature in Dungeon Keeper that semi-automates the construction and running of your dungeon by having the computer perform certain tasks for you, depending on which of the four modes it's set to.

It can be enabled and disabled from the Control Panel.

Icon Mode Description
AggressiveCA Aggressive Builds the dungeon, casts spells and lays traps. Always looks to go on the offensive.[1]
DefensiveCA Defensive Prioritises defence: builds the dungeon, casts spells, and lays traps, but does not take offensive action.[1]
ConstructOnlyCA Construction-Only Exactly what it says on the tin: digs and builds rooms and traps, but does not cast spells or move creatures (except Imps).[1]
MoveOnlyCA Move-Only Moves and slaps creatures, and nothing else.[1]


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