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Conceal Monster or Conceal Creature[1][2] is a Keeper spell that can be cast on your creatures to make them invisible to enemy eyes.


Conceal Monster casting animation Dungeon Keeper

The casting animation for Conceal Monster

This spell can be cast on any of your creatures and makes them appear translucent to you. This effect wears off over time or is cancelled when a creature uses a creature spell or engages in a fight. Note, however, that undead creatures and creatures with Sight can see invisible enemies. This spell is useless in a fight, but is very useful for sneak attacks, such as using a possessed creature to sneak to an enemy’s Dungeon Heart or getting Imps to compromised tiles of gold seam or gems. When enemy creatures are invisible, you are unable to see them, but may still be able to see their icon on the minimap. Be alert if you know there are powerful enemies around.


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