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The Control Panel is an interface that's used to, as its name implies, control your Dungeon.

Dungeon Keeper[]


A Control Panel showing the Information Panel

The Control Panel is situated to the left of the screen. It has five panels: the Information Panel, Rooms Panel, Research Panel, Workshop Panel, and Creature Panel. The Creature Panel allows you to see creature by job, as well as pick them up. The others are just what they sound like; they enable you to build or place, or sell rooms, traps, or doors, or cast spells. At the top is the quantity of gold the player has, the Dynamic Map, and buttons for zooming the Dynamic Map in and out, accessing the Map Screen, accessing the Options Panel, and toggling the Computer Assistance. Message icons are to the right of the Control Panel and messages appear at the bottom of the screen. The Dynamic Map has a dotted line to your Dungeon Heart, and items on the map are colour coded:[1]

Colour Codes
Colour Meaning
Grey Reinforced Walls
Dark Yellow Gold Seam or Gem Seam
Black Impenetrable Rock
Flashing black dots Creatures
White dots Heroes
Multi-coloured Neutral
Red, Blue, Green, and bright Yellow Belongs to the Keeper of the respective colour[2]
White/Orange[Note 1] Belongs to the Heroes
Dark Orange/Brown Lava
Blue-grey Water
Purple Gem Seam (KeeperFX)
Pinkish-purple Purple Path (KeeperFX)



Dynamic Map[]

1996 icons[]

Low resolution[]
High resolution[]

Dungeon Keeper 2[]


The Control Panel in My Pet Dungeon mode showing the Rooms Panel

The Control Panel is at the bottom of the screen, and has four panels: the Creatures Panel, Rooms Panel, Spells Panel, and Workshop Panel, all of which are exactly what they say on the tin. The Creatures Panel enables you to control creatures and Imps by job or mood. Upgraded spells' icons are gold in the Spells Panel. To the left is the Dynamic Map (also known as the Minimap[3]), and buttons for Querying, selling rooms, doors, or traps, zooming the Dynamic Map in or out, and accessing the Options screen. The Map Screen is accessed by a hotkey. To the right is the Horny Talisman, or buttons for controlling heroes in My Pet Dungeon mode. Also on the panel is a message tab and battle button, which only appears if there's ongoing combat and zooms you to the scene.[4]

The Dynamic Map is colour-coded:

Colour Codes
Colour Meaning
Bright Red Your Dungeon (the Dungeon Heart is brighter)[5][3]
Light Tan Dirt Path[5]
Yellow Gold Seam[5][3]
Purple Gem Seam[5][3]
Dark Brown Impenetrable Rock[5][3]
Dark Blue Water[5][3]
Bright Turquoise Tiles flagged for digging[5]
Burnt Sienna/Orange Lava[5][3]
Flashing black dots Your creatures[5]
White/grey dots Heroes[5][3]
Multi-coloured Neutral[5]
Other colours Enemy Dungeon[5][3]

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

The Control Panel in Dungeon Keeper Online seems to be a simplified version of the Dungeon Keeper 2 one. The Dynamic Map is in the top-right corner of the screen.



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  1. It is orange in the 21 May 1997 build, and possibly earlier builds.