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The Create Imp spell is one of the first spells available to the player in both Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, and allows the player to create Imps on their territory.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Create Imp casting animation Dungeon Keeper

The casting animation for Create Imp

Imps are essential to your dungeon. The Create Imp spell is the second spell given to the player (next to Possess Creature), and it typically does not require researching.

Using the Create Imp spell, you can summon up as many Imps as you can afford, subject to the creature limit of 255. But be careful, for each Imp summoned the price of creation goes up, meaning summoning high numbers of Imps can take a huge chunk out of your gold reserves.

This spell can be used to rebuild your workforce or distract the enemy with the cannon fodder that is an Imp. The price of creating Imps starts at 150 gold if you currently own none, and increases by 150 with each Imp you own. Sacrificing an Imp into the Temple lowers the cost of creating Imps by 150, making it worthwhile to sacrifice some if you need many, or are expecting many of them to die.

Despite the name, the Create Imp spell does not create specifically an Imp; rather, it creates a creature with both the 'Evil' and 'Special Digger' attributes. Unless another creature's stats have been modified to have them, the Imp is the only creature that meets that criterion.

If you have enough gold, this spell can be exploited to create Imps until the creature limit is reached, thereby preventing further creatures (including parties) from spawning. This can be used to win levels that check on such creatures after they're supposed to spawn: the game has no way of knowing that they never spawned in the first place, so it treats the situation as them having been killed as normal.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Create Imp is the first spell given to the player in Dungeon Keeper 2, and in most campaign and skirmish levels it is researched by default. The mana cost of the spells is dependent upon the number of Imps already summoned, starting at 1500 and increasing by 1500 for each subsequent cast.

The basic version of this spell summons a level one Imp, while the upgraded version summons a level 4 Imp.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

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Spell details

The spell acted in the same way as previous instalments in the series.[2][3]


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