Creature thought bubbles appear above a creature's head telling you what that creature is doing or what their current mood is. The mood bubbles appear in Dungeon Keeper.

Barracks bubble BarracksEdit

The Creature is in the Barracks Icon Small Barracks and is grouping with other creatures. The creature with a crown above its head is the leader of that group. 

Battle bubble BattleEdit

The Creature is in, or going to battle

Calltoarms bubble Call To ArmsEdit

The Creature is being influenced by a CallToArms Icon Small Call to Arms spell and is going to where it was cast.

Flee bubble FleeEdit

The Creature is fleeing from an enemy.

Guard bubble GuardEdit

The Creature is on a Guard Post Icon Small Guard Post and is patrolling for foes.

Home bubble HomeEdit

The Creature is trying to find its Lair Icon Small Lair or is attempting to build a new one .

Hungry bubble HungryEdit

The Creature is hungry and needs some Chickens from the Hatchery Icon Small Hatchery to eat.

Fedup bubble LeaveEdit

The Creature is fed up and leaving your dungeon.

Prison bubble PrisonEdit

The creature has been imprisoned.

Temple bubble PrayingEdit

The creature is in the Temple Icon Small Temple praying.

Research bubble ResearchEdit

The Creature is in the Library Icon Small Library researching.

Scavenge bubble Scavenging/Being ScavengedEdit

The creature is either in the ScavengerRoom Icon Small Scavenger Room, looking for other creatures to tempt to your side or it is becoming influenced by an enemy scavenging for them.

Sleep bubble SleepEdit

The Creature is tired and is going back to its Lair Icon Small Lair for some rest.

Angry bubble SulkEdit

The creature is getting annoyed and may soon leave.

Torture bubble TortureEdit

The Creature is being tortured in the Torture Room Icon Small Torture Chamber.

Training bubble TrainEdit

The Creature is training in the Training Room Icon Small Training Room.

Wages bubble WagesEdit

Creature Payday has arrived and the creature is going to receive its wage from the Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room.

Workshop bubble WorkshopEdit

The Creature is manufacturing items in the Workshop Icon Small Workshop.

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