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"Fluttershine. This fair land is troubled by talk of a dark uprising within its borders. If you arrive in time you may be able to enlist the help of the ringleaders and have them aid you in your quest to kill Lord Volstag and claim his Portal Gem as your own.

Too late Keeper, the invasion has been nipped in the bud and those who would have seated themselves upon the throne can now be found imprisoned and under guard. If they were to be rescued though, I am sure they would have no hesitation in helping you to defeat their conquerors."

— The Mentor, level briefing

Crusade is one of two levels that can be 15th level in Dungeon Keeper 2, located in Fluttershine.


"Crusade"- Fluttershine
Primary Goal
Destroy Lord Volstag, who lives in the Fairy Fortress
Ancillary Goal(s)
Liberate the incarcerated Black Knights

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 30
Starting Gold 0
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
  Warlock   Troll pickup Darkelf Mistress pickup
Salamander icon   Bile Demon pickup      
May Create or Summon
Imp pickup Skeleton pickup Vampire pickup Horny Icon
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium Treasury Icon Medium Casino Icon Medium Wooden Bridge Icon Medium Torture Room2 Icon Medium Graveyard2 Icon Medium  
Hatchery2 Icon Medium Training Room2 Icon Medium Workshop2 Icon Medium Guard Room Icon Medium Prison2 Icon Medium Stone Bridge Icon Medium Combat Pit Icon Medium
Createimp2 icon medium Possession icon medium Sightofevil2 icon medium Tremor icon medium   | Summonhorny-icon-medium2
Thunderbolt icon medium Heal2 icon medium Calltoarms2 icon medium Turncoat icon medium   | Chicken2 icon medium
Traps & Doors
Wooden Door2 Icon Medium Braced Door2 Icon Medium Magic Door2 Icon Medium Sentry Trap Icon Medium Fear Trap Icon Medium Gas Trap Icon Medium Trigger Trap Icon Medium Freeze Trap Icon Medium  
Barricade Icon Medium Steel Door Icon Medium   Guard Post Trap Icon Medium Alarm Trap2 Icon Medium Spike Trap Icon Medium Boulder Trap2 Icon Medium    


The neutral Troll to the south is in fact the Elite Troll, Knud.


To access the area to the north hidden away behind rocks, claim both mana vaults to the East and South of your Dungeon Heart.

'Keeper, your dungeon is emptier than your head. ' - The Mentor (DK2)
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