This page lists editors for Dungeon Keeper.

Level EditorsEdit

The official Editor Edit

The official Editor was created by Bullfrog and released on their website and with Dungeon Keeper Gold.

ADiKtEd Edit

ADiKtEd is an alternative level editor for Dungeon Keeper. It is text-based, but it is possible to do things with ADiKtEd that cannot be done with the official editor.

UnDed Edit

UnDed was abandoned after the official editor was released, although it received some updates in 2008.

Stats Editors Edit

Enslave Edit

Enslave is a DOS-based CREATURE.TXT editor. It can only edit creature stats, not other stats in CREATURE.TXT. Obviously, it does not work with KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper Creatures.txt Editor (dkcrtred) Edit

Unlike Enslave, dkcrtred edits all CREATURE.TXT stats, not just those of the creatures. Does not work on KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper Settings Editor Edit

Like dkcrtred, Dungeon Keeper Settings Editor can modify CREATURE.TXT stats. Unlike dkcrtred, it has a GUI and can also edit DDCREAT.TXT. it can edit creature stats, room stats, Keeper Spell stats, trap and door stats, Creature Spell stats, Research values, and a few other stats. Works only on the original game, not KeeperFX.

KeeperFX Creature Editor Edit

Written for KeeperFX, KeeperFX Creature Editor can edit the stats in each of the remade creature configuration files, and also save a creature's configuration as another file (e.g. for campaign-making purposes). Does not work with the original game.

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