The Multiplayer levels as shown on the map.


The different ways to play multiplayer (KeeperFX).

The Multiplayer mode of Dungeon Keeper allows you to play a variety of maps against other human players (or AI with the right tweaking). You are able to choose from Serial, Modem, IPX, TCP/IP (KeeperFX only), and 1 Player (with a parameter, but it is always available in KeeperFX). Serial, Modem, and TCP/IP connexions only support up to 2 players, whereas the IPX protocol supports up to 4.[1]

Once the game is set up, you will be taken to the world map and allowed to choose a level, with the colours on its standard telling you how many players it is for, with AI taking over any vacant spots.

There are 15 multiplayer levels included in Dungeon Keeper, with another 15 included in The Deeper Dungeons.

During a game, players can ally themselves with others by selecting the corresponding coloured face on the Information Panel, though the other Keeper must do likewise to you for the alliance to be formed.[2] Defeated Keepers become Floating Spirits and can spectate the rest of the game as one.[3]

After a match, the winner is sent to the torture scene (the same one you get when you finish a campaign level with a Knight-icon Knight in a Prison Icon Small Prison), where (s)he gets to torture the losers (who hear each torture).[2]

A late 1996 trailer claimed the game would have three multiplayer modes and support up to eight players.[4]

Dungeon Keeper Trailer

Dungeon Keeper Trailer

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