DKTools is a set of tools for Dungeon Keeper. They were originally available on the now-defunct Dungeon Keeper NETwork, but since the site went offline they have been made available on Keeper Klan.

DeRNC Edit

DeRNC decompresses files compressed with Rob Northen compression.

DKColumn Edit

DKColumn views columns. You can click on any part of the map, and it'll view the texture at that location.

DKCube Edit

DK Cube Viewer is, as its name implies, a cube viewer.

DKLevelAccess Edit

This sets the level in the continue save file.

DKMapViewer Edit

Lets you view map layouts.

DKPalette Edit

Views palette (.pal) files.

DKQuickView Edit

Like the Map Viewer, this views map layouts, albeit in a more simplified format.

DKSettings Edit

Lets you set the game options (including hotkeys) from outside the game.

DKSound Edit

Dungeon Keeper Sound can play sound files from inside the .dat files (sound.dat and speech.dat), extract them, and make a list of them in XML format.

DKText Edit

Dungeon Keeper Text lets you view, edit, and delete strings (pieces of text) in text.dat.

DKUndedLevelFix Edit

Fixes maps corrupted by UnDed.

ScriptEditor Edit

As its name implies, this is a script editor. It doesn't recognise the new script commands introduced in KeeperFX, so the program will say there are errors when viewing KeeperFX-specific scripts.

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