DK1 MAP00095
Appears in The Deeper Dungeons
Level Number 95
Preceded By Benetzaron
Followed By Dixaroc
Enemy Keepers 0

Daka-Gorn is the 13th level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper.

"Booby trapped" would be a fitting description of this level

Description Edit

In Daka-Gorn the player takes control of a pre-built dungeon, with a *single* gem face to painfully feed you through the entire map, along with some gold seams.

The main gold seam to the left, which contains the gem seam, leads directly to a party of Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarves, as well as a spawning hero band consisting of Monk-icon Monks and Archer-icon Archers, so be careful not to cave in too early.

The player can only attract 10 creatures from the creature pool, so only keep good ones, if given a choice, like Dragon-icon Dragons or Warlock-icon Warlocks.

Walkthrough Edit

The main cave-in to the left of the gem seam leads to a door, where outposts of Wizard-icon Wizards and Archer-icon Archers will start barraging you from afar if knocked down.

A careful possession of a highly trained Dragon-icon Dragon can make short work of them.

To the left is an Increase Level special, and all the player can do is dive head-first into the dangerous hero castle, now,

One should be extremely careful, as every tunnel of the place will most likely have one or sometimes even more Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps waiting to take the life of one of your already dwindling number of creatures.

One can find a Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Room on the left entrance, as well as a neutral Temple Icon Small Temple, and a neutral Spider-icon Spider and Beetle-icon Beetle to the left of the Temple, along with more boulders, and heroes on every inch of the castle, door after door, and a neutral Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper to the right.

Once having cleared the first section of the level, you can knock down a door to another lava lake, with once again, outposts of Wizard-icon Wizards and Archer-icon Archers. It should be easier to clear now that enough time has most likely passed to train your creatures.

The player is now faced with 3 different doors, all of which seemingly lead to the end of the level.

The left-most one is yet another Trap Boulder Small Boulder Trap, the middle door leading to 2 neutral creatures, and the right-most one being the only "real" one.

A labyrinth of doors, tunnels, hallways and rooms await you now, some filled with boulders, others with heroes, others with treasure, others with more boulders, and others with neutral creatures. A Dungeon Special lies hidden in the bottom-left most side of the map. Once having conquered the painfully-long labyrinth with trial and error that is considered a hero castle, another hero ambush is awaiting in the wings guarding the white Dungeon Heart.

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