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The Dark Angel is a creature in Dungeon Keeper 2 and Dungeon Keeper Online.


"Dark Angels, pah! They don't scare me. I'd have 'em all if all of them dared face me."
Horny, Angelic
Dark Angel Concept

Dark Angel Concept Art

From the story's perspective, Dark Angels are portrayed as having power to rival or even surpass Horny's, with the Keeper with whom they ally being considered unbeatable; in Angelic, you lose if another Keeper wins their allegiance,[verification needed] despite Horny's confidence that he can defeat them in combat. However, they have no true loyalty to whomever they ally with; they are merely a means to their own ends. A Keeper, even one who has Horny at his side, would be unwise to anger them; 'grave and horrid consequence' shall befall those who do, according to the Mentor.

Dark Angel panel icon

Dark Angel panel icon

In-game, Dark Angels are extremely powerful creatures (on its own, one can stop an army[vague] of Giants without any difficulty!), but unlike Horny, are not invincible, though they are still extremely tough; at level 10, their mêlée strength is superior to even Horny's, and they can conjure an army of Skeletons to do their bidding. They also have the powerful Hail Storm and Disruption spells at their disposal. A Temple with a hand can attract up to two Dark Angels, with another being required for up to two more, and so on. Dark Angels are also decent researchers, and hate Monks and Fairies.

The Mentor's Thoughts[]

"A victor! Truly you are the most pitiless and cold-blooded mercenary we have beheld. The Gem is yours - if you can finish off your former foes. We shall aid you, but mind that you mark our presence by gracing us with unhallowed ground. One Temple shall two of our brethren require. Should you have need of us further, another Temple must be crafted in our name."
— Dark Angel, Campaign mode (DK2)
"Dark Angels are terrifying entities, who join you only for their own amusement and interest. They are powerful magic users, and amazingly efficient researchers."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • Dark Angels are really expensive. 75,000 gold must be spent on a Temple to attract just two, and they also have high wages.
  • The Dark Angel is one of the four evil researchers (Warlock, Vampire, Dark Angel, Maiden). Of these four, Dark Angels are the best at spell research.
  • Skeletons summoned by Dark Angels are not permanent; they will automatically perish after a while.
  • Dark Angels have an extremely powerful mêlée attack that does almost double the damage dealt by Black Knights and Mistresses.
  • Dark Angels have less health than Black Knights, but possess higher damage and powerful spells.
  • Dark Angels produce the highest mana gain per second when praying at the temple (200).
  • The Dark Angel pickup icon is similar to the symbol of the homonymous Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chapter.
  • Keeper Nemesis went looking for Harmonia's Dark Angels after being defeated by Lord Pureheart, and had his allies Harkan and Carrion aid him. When King Reginald learnt of this, he sent his sons, the Princes, to personally destroy Carrion.
  • It seems that the Dark Angel once had the Firebomb spell; a Dark Angel version of it can be found in the Dungeon Keeper 2 Editor.


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