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The Dark Mistress (also known as simply the Mistress) is a creature type in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2 , Dungeon Keeper Online, and Dungeon Keeper Mobile. They have an almost risqué mien, and relish pain, both receiving it and inflicting it.

Dungeon Keeper[]

"The kinkiest of the creatures, one who enjoys pain and inflicting it on others. She has no special job but goes to watch a torture if one is in progress. Slapping her makes her happier and she rushes off to a battle as soon as one starts. An excellent fighter, if quite worrying."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual
Dark Mistress portrait Dungeon Keeper no border

The Dark Mistress' portrait

Dark Mistresses are quick, powerful spellcasters who are attracted to dungeons with satisfactory Torture Chambers. They are jacks of all trades, masters of none; they make passable trainers, craftswomen, researchers, and scavengers after they learn Speed.

Untrained, Mistresses resort to Hand to Hand and are vulnerable while so doing. With training, they become hastened Lightning casters, and are the only class of creature other than their arch-enemies, the Samurai, with this formidable combination. Mistresses are physically sturdier than other magic users, and they can kite around enemy fighters easily while draining life from their opponent. Their shortcoming would be the missing Heal spell.

A Mistress gains Teleport at level 10, and a pack of them can execute instant surprise invasions at any accessible tile on the map with Call to Arms.

Dark Mistresses are unusual in that they are the only creature that likes being slapped. Treat this as an invitation to slap them a lot, but not as a way to keep them happy. If creatures are getting angry from starvation and no pay, the matter needs to be dealt with. Mistresses' wage and training requirements are on the high side, but they earn it. Uniquely, she gets her jollies from torturing herself; it is her default and favourite pastime, though she also enjoys combat if there's a fight going.

A Dark Mistress, a Troll, and a Bile Demon are required sacrifices in order to gain a Horned Reaper.

Dungeon Keeper Mistress early portrait

Early portrait, in which she wields a hammer


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 64
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 700
Strength Base Strength: 60
Defence Defence: 50
Skill Base Skill: 70
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 70
Luck Luck: 20
Tasks & Management
Dark-mistress-icon Primary Job Fight
Dark-mistress-icon Secondary Job Train
Kinky Torture
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 2
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 2
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 2
Wage Training Cost /64t 24
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 3
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 25
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -10
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 9
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 3Chicken icon tiny / 8000t
Wage Base Wage 175


  • There's a little-known quirk regarding the Mistress' research skill: by her raw research skill, she's not a particularly good researcher, but once she has Speed, she becomes equivalent to a Warlock or Dragon of the same level. If you have multiple Mistresses, there's a good chance that at least one of them will be under torture, which boosts the skills of all your Mistresses. At level 10, a combination of Speed and torture boosts her research skill to 22, superior to the level 10 Wizard's normal 20, potentially making the Mistress the best researcher in the game unless a "standard" researcher is boosted by Speed Monster, torture, Must Obey, or slapping, bearing in mind that the normal researchers cannot boost themselves, whereas Mistresses can. This does not affect the original game as much, due to the infamous level 10 spell bug, which is fixed in KeeperFX, so this is more noticeable there.
  • Dark Mistresses are irreconcilable with converted Samurai, and the two will fight to the death if sharing the same Lair.
  • In the Training Room, both the Mistress and Samurai adopt an "active training" style, and the two will spar among themselves and others. This appears to be a cosmetic difference that does not otherwise affect training.
  • Slapping and torturing can raise a Dark Mistress's happiness. They are indifferent worshippers, gaining happiness very slowly in a Temple. They clearly prefer being slapped.
  • The "Kinky Torture" job is a high-priority task and may unexpectedly interfere with combat. It may be worthwhile to seal or sell off the Torture Chamber when preparing for battle.
  • Before the major revamp in 1996, Mistresses cost 600 gold each to purchase.
  • In early 1996, before the major revamp, Dark Mistresses were known as Vengeful Sirens.[2]


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Mistress concept art

Dark Mistress concept art

In Dungeon Keeper 2, Mistresses are even more salaciously dressed, and take no less pleasure in agony.

She will not flee unless the battle is going poorly or she has suffered severe damage. Her deadly scything blades will deal very high damage to the enemy; however, she cannot withstand much damage herself (and her love of pain and battle doesn't help matters) so it would be wise to keep an eye or three on her when she's in battle. Similarly, this means Mistresses are very difficult to train in the Combat Pit and require constant supervision.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Mistress panel icon

The Dark Mistress panel icon

Mistresses detest Fairies and anything that does not involve some form of pain or suffering, unless it increases her ability to inflict same.[3]

Talking of which, when she has nothing else to do she will go to the Torture Chamber and take a spin on a wheel (or continuously strike the enemies that you dropped in there), or slink off to the training room to practice her sharp and deadly combat techniques in preparation for the next battle, which she is undoubtedly looking forward to.

The Mentor's Thoughts[]

"The Mistress, always eager, serves you well in both pleasure and pain. Ensure her tastes are satisfied and she will prove herself in battle time and again."

"...But one warrior with your ranks excels: the Mistress, show who swings her scything blades most swiftly causing deadly damage fast, but use her wisely, for you'll find she's easily slain."
The Mentor, Campaign Mode (DK2)

"The Mistress is a fearless fighter, who will strike her foes down with her vicious claws. Battles can be turned quickly to your favour with these vicious ladies on your side."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • Slapping and torturing can raise a Dark Mistress's happiness.
  • In the Training Room, she will often train with other units instead of with the training posts.
  • She is as likely to torture herself as to go training.
  • If you possess 10 or more Mistresses on a map, the Mentor states: "You have an excess of mistresses. There is a word for keepers like you."
  • When creatures start dancing, the Mistress does the Macarena.


Dungeon Keeper Online[]

Mistress portrait Dungeon Keeper Online

In Dungeon Keeper Online, the Dark Mistress was the only female creature. As with other Dungeon Keeper instalments, she loved abuse, both inflicting it and receiving it. She was best placed at the back of groups, for her ranged attacks were more effective then her mêlée ones. Putting her in a Torture Chamber along with a captive ensured their co-operation.[1][4]

Dark Mistress promotional image Dungeon Keeper Online

Dark Mistress as seen in a promotional image

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


Mistress progression Dungeon Keeper Mobile


The Mistress was pretty weak, but excelled motivating others.


Seeks Closest Room

Delivers an Additional Attack Every 4s
Stuns all nearby enemies for 2s
Increases all nearby allies' effectiveness for 10s

Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack speed 0.5s
Move Speed 130
Housing Space 15
Summoning Time 45 minutes


  • Increasing Allies effectiveness will dramatically increase allies movement and attack speed. It also prevents Ice Traps slow effect.
  • Mistresses are vulnerable to Spring Traps and Chicken Bombs
  • The stun effect is good vs immortals
  • Mistresses are commonly used as guild withdrawn minions, they are very effective when used from here especially in emergencies

Training Upgrades[]

Level Damage Health Training Time Training Cost Torture Chamber Required Summon Cost (Gold)
1 40 345 - - Level 1 5,000
2 56 480 ? 650k Level 3 10k
3 72 620 16h 1.4M Level 5 16k
4 88 755 1d 2.3M Level 7 25k
5 104 895 2d 5.9M Level 10 31k
6 120 1,020 3d 13M Level 11 40k
7 138 1,155 4d 22M Level 13 50k
8 156 1,300 6d 30M Level 15 65k
9 176 1,440 8d 44M ? 80k
10 196 1,585 10d 52M Level 20 100k
11 224 1,820 12d 62M ? 120k
12 252 2,055 14d 66M ? 140k
13 280 2,290 16d 68M ? ?
14 308 2,525 ? ? ? ?
15 392 3,030 ? ? Level 34 180k
16 ? ? ? ? ? ?
17 ? ? ? ? ? ?
18 ? ? ? ? ? ?

Max level was level 18

Note: Training times adjusted for May, 2018 update


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