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20 Zone

Dungeon Keeper was inside a 20 fps zone without this feature

Delta Time is a feature in Dungeon Keeper FX that separates frames from turns, allowing the game to run more smoothly without speeding it up to unplayable speeds; before this feature was introduced, any increase in frame rate resulted in a corresponding increase in the number of game turns executed per second. The game was designed to run at a maximum speed of 20 turns per second; therefore, any more than 20 frames per second would make the game run faster than intended. This basically restricted the player to 20 frames per second. This feature was developed by rainlizard, and is in KeeperFX 0.5.0. It is enabled by default.

Infinite speed limit sign

No more 20 fps limit

With Delta Time enabled, there is no limit to the number of frames that can be drawn per second, yet the game can still run at its intended speed. The -fps parameter no longer affects frame rate, despite the name, and only affects the number of turns per second. The game is now frame rate independent.

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