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The Demolition Trap (also known as the TNT Trap) in Dungeon Keeper FX creates an explosion, which damages both creatures and terrain.


Demolition Trap detonation Dungeon Keeper FX

The explosion causes the claimed path tile it is on to collapse, yielding lava; in this regard, the trap functions like the Lava Trap. Horizontally or vertically adjacent reinforced walls are disintegrated to dirt path. Diagonally adjacent reinforced walls are damaged, becoming earth, but are not destroyed. All adjacent earth crumbles to dirt path. Doors are unaffected. Creatures are pushed back by the blast, which deals minor damage to them.[vague] Unlike other traps, it is not triggered by sight or pressure; the owner must manually trigger it by slapping it. It also detonates when destroyed. Enemy creatures (whether ranged or mêlée) will attack a Demoliton Trap on sight, though mêlée creatures are more likely to bear the brunt of the explosion.

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