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Dirt Path is a type of terrain, passable by any creature, that has not yet been claimed by any faction. Some tiles of dirt path usually exist on a map from the beginning, and it is also what appears where normal rock or a gold seam has been dug away. Imps can turn dirt path into claimed path fairly quickly.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Generally speaking, the only use for dirt path is to have your Imps claim it to expand your territory. Beware, in some later campaigns, Dirt Path can sometimes contain hidden traps. As well as this, digging into large caverns of dirt path can be worse than you think, sometimes exposing your dungeon to heroes or enemy Keepers, or meaning you have to quickly fortify a large area to avoid Tunnellers and the like.

Normally, only Imps can be dropped onto dirt path, but the Keeper who owns the dirt path tile can drop any creature onto it (dirt path tiles are typically neutral and become claimed path when claimed).

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

A notable feature of dirt path is that Imps can be dropped upon it, while other creatures can only be dropped on territory owned by the player. Unlike Dungeon Keeper, stumbling into large caverns is not as much of a problem, as all walls can be broken, so you will be expecting this, and claimed paths also generate mana, effectively giving you a slight bonus for finding these caves.

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