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Disable Trap

Disable Trap Spell


Ever notice how pesky traps can cause a perfectly coordinated and planned raid to go awry?  Now you have the power to keep your best laid plans from being derailed.  I introduce, the Disable Trap spell.  Now you will be able to not only continue along your chosen path, but do it without any outside interference!

- Highlights all revealed Traps

- Tap a highlighted Trap to disable it for the duration of the raid.

NB: only eligible traps which have been revealed are highlighted and can be tapped. This means you can't disable one-shot traps (Chicken Bomb, Boulder Trap, Spring Trap, and U.R. Mine) unless you have the Scouting boost active.  This goes for hidden traps also.


Usage Type Tap
Mana Cost 150
Research Cost 50k Gold
Research Time 12h


Level Experience Traps Disabled Types of Traps Disabled
1 0 2 Spike TrapFireburst TrapCannon TrapFreeze TrapPoison TrapSpring TrapChicken BombBoulder TrapU.R. Mine
2 50 2 Anti Air, plus above
3 200 2 Bug Zapper, plus above
4 400 2 Dante's Mound, plus above
5 1,000 3 All above
6 1,350 4 All above