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The Disease creature spell was cut from the original Dungeon Keeper, likely due to being unbalanced. It appears to have been cut quite early on, as it does not have image files in with the other creature spells, although this may just mean it shared the images with the Keeper spell.

Little information is known about this creature spell, but references are made to it by the manual:


When fired at a foe, it gives them a Disease which is then spread to other creatures in its own Dungeon. These creatures are slowly dying and can only be healed in the Temple."

— Dungeon Keeper Manual

It is believed to work exactly the same as the Keeper spell, possibly a weaker version of it. Considering the massive cost and devastating ability of the Keeper spell of the same name, it is very likely the creature spell was cut for being incredibly overpowered.

Even though this spell was cut, it is documented in NTT Publishing's Dungeon Keeper Premium guide book,[1] and the Unofficial Professional Guide.[2]


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