This is the page about the Keeper Spell from Dungeon Keeper. For the cut Creature Spell, see Disease (Creature Spell).

Disease is a high-end spell available in Dungeon Keeper. It infects the target with a highly-contagious plague that deals damage over time.


The Disease spell infects the target with an illness, and can only be cast on your territory. They become surrounded by flies and take periodic damage. The nasty ability of this spell is that the disease spreads among the enemy's creatures, and will keep re-infecting them as long as they come into contact with an infected creature. The length of time the creature is infected depends on the strength of the spell cast.

The spell is very expensive, starting at 7000 gold, meaning you should use it wisely. Infecting just one creature will have barely any effect, and they will soon recover. However, if you time it so that you infect one creature with a particularly strong spell while he is surrounded by his allies, they will all become sick as well. This can be devastating to an opponent in the middle of a battle, causing all of their creatures to lose heath and therefore weaken. If their creatures are sent home while still infected, they will likely infect their bunkmates and anyone who passes them, and will be constantly reinfected. This has the benefit of weakening or even killing creatures who cannot Heal Icon Small Heal, as they will stop their jobs to sleep to recover.

The spell is not as effective against those who can heal, as they can recover the health lost due to sickness. This doesn't mean they can't still spread the plague, so they make effective carriers.

Similar to the Chicken Icon Small Chicken status, any diseased creatures can be healed by putting them in the Temple Icon Small Temple. Sacrificing a Vampire-icon Vampire will cause all of your creatures to become diseased.

It's also interesting to note the Avatar-icon Avatar is almost completely immune to disease, and it will take multiple castings to have any effect at all on him. Not that you should waste time with such tactics, as killing him with anything except brute force is almost pointlessly difficult.

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