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Dixaroc is the 14th and penultimate level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper.

In Dixaroc, the player takes control of a semi-destroyed dungeon, and has to control a single Spider through a white dungeon, while attaining new creatures, Imps, rooms and Dungeon Specials as rewards, with the goal of defeating a Wizard who has robbed you of your powers, and then the green Keeper.

Dixaroc is a relatively easy level to clear for being the second to last level, and since the only Portal (and the only Gem Seam) is in control of the green Keeper, the player can take their time while clearing it. Nevertheless, winning this level will likely require impeccable knowledge of certain gameplay mechanics and making wise monetary decisions.



Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 50
Starting Gold 0
Starting Forces 1 level 4 Spider-icon Spider
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small  
Possession Icon Small      
No Doors or Traps
Blue Keeper
Starting Gold 5
Starting Forces 3 level 3 Beetle-icon Beetles
10 level 2 Troll-icon Trolls
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small  
No Spells No Doors or Traps
Green Keeper
Starting Gold 5000
Starting Forces 3 level 5 Dragon-icon Dragons
3 level 8 Hound-icon Hounds
2 level 9 Fly-icon Flies
7 level 5 Tentacle-icon Tentacles
2 level 6 Troll-icon Trolls
1 level 6 Vampire-icon Vampire
Unable to attract Creatures
May Create or Summon
Imp-icon         Ghost-icon Vampire-icon  
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small  
Library Icon Small   Guard Post Icon Small Workshop Icon Small
  Torture Room Icon Small Barracks Icon Small  
  ScavengerRoom Icon Small
  CreateImp Icon Small SightofEvil Icon Small SpeedMonster Icon Small
Mustobey Icon Small CallToArms Icon Small ConcealMonster Icon Small  
CaveIn Icon Small Heal Icon Small Trap Lightning Small  
Traps & Doors
  Trap Gas Small Trap Lightning Small  
Starting Gold 0
Starting Forces See Wandering Heroes
Unable to attract Creatures
Unable to summon Creatures
Unable to construct Rooms
No Spells No Doors or Traps

Dungeon Specials[]

Neutral Assets[]

  • Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress level 5 x2 - In a room in the hero base near red.
  • Imp-icon Imp level 4 x6 - At the end of the same hero base.
  • Spider-icon Spider level 3 x6 - In rooms in Blue's dungeon.
  • Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon level 2 x4 - In rooms in Blue's dungeon.
  • Library Icon Small Library - South of the centre of the hero corridor.
  • Warlock-icon Warlock level 8 x5 - Inside said Library.
  • Dragon-icon Dragon level 8 x2 - In the top-left room of the hero base after the corridor.
  • Dragon-icon Dragon level 8 x3 - In the bottom-centre room of the hero base after the corridor.
  • Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress level 6 x3 - In rooms near the end of the same hero base.
  • Monk-icon Monk level 6 x3 - In the final room of the hero base.

Wandering Heroes[]

  • Archer-icon Archer level 1 x3 - In a room towards the start of the hero base near red.
  • Thief-icon Thief level 4 x6 - In a room across the lava pit near Blue.
  • Knight-icon Knight x4 (2 level 2, 2 level 8) - In the room between the hero corridor and hero base.
  • Giant-icon Giant x5 (3 level 5, 2 level 7) - In the first room of the hero base.
  • Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarf level 4 x14 - In the top-right and bottom-right rooms at the start of the hero base.
  • Fairy-icon Fairy level 7 x2 - In the bottom-left room at the start of the hero base.
  • Fairy-icon Fairy level 8 x5 - In the room above the hero Library.
  • Wizard-icon Wizard level 10 - In the room with the hero Library.
  • Archer-icon Archer level 7 x4 - In the next room.
  • Giant-icon Giant level 7 x2 - In the same room.
  • Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarf level 4 x7 - Below the gold seam near the hero base.
  • Archer-icon Archer level 5 x6 - In the penultimate room of the hero base.
  • Monk-icon Monk x3 (2 level 6, 1 level 8) - In the final room of the hero base.

Hero Parties[]




You must possess your Spider and make your way through the hero base nearby. After breaking down the door to the entrance, you'll come across a couple of corridors with Boulder Traps to the right. To get past them, keep to the left, right up against the wall, and just keep moving forward (and thank the developers for Boulder Traps only going left at forks,[Note 1] contrary to what the manual says). They will hit the water and crumble. You'll next encounter a chamber with some Archers. You can either fight them, or ignore them and proceed to the next room, where START_ONE will spawn soon after you enter. It might be wise to just keep going (ignoring START_TWO, who spawn in the next room) until you encounter the two neutral Mistresses, because they'll fare much better than your puny Spider in combat. After all these heroes are defeated, you can possess a Mistress and proceed to the next room, a large chamber with several Boulder Traps. Entering will trigger them and spawn several Giants, whom you can safely ignore because the boulders will take care of them; just keep going through the room, and the boulders will deal with the Giants as well as themselves by hitting the water at the corner. In the next room, you'll encounter some neutral Imps, with whom you can mine the gold seams next to your Dungeon Heart and claim part of the hero base.

After this is done and your creatures have rested, tunnel towards Blue's dungeon. You'll encounter a dyke, and may need to possess a Mistress and zap his creatures with Lightning. Once Blue is defeated, Bridges become available, and ATTACK_ONE and ATTACK_TWO spawn from the Hero Gate in his dungeon. Defeat them and claim Blue's dungeon and the neutral creatures within. You can now train creatures by using his Training Room. Make sure to maximise its efficiency by fortifying its walls, to make the very best use of your limited quantity of gold; the higher the efficiency of a Training Room, the more XP trainees gain for the same time and money.

When the time comes, build a Bridge across the lava pit to the south, and defeat the Thieves there. You can now start making your way towards the hero base where the Wizard resides, but be prepared for three copies of SHOCK_ONE, three copies of SHOCK_TWO, and five copies of SHOCK_THREE spawning right at your Dungeon Heart when you reach the end of the next room. Once they have been defeated, carry on towards the other end. There is a neutral Library to the south of the centre of this corridor, with some neutral Warlocks, whom you should find very useful when your powers are restored. There is also a gold seam guarded by a bunch of Mountain Dwarves to the right. At the end of the corridor (on the other side of an earth tile), you'll find two Increase Level boxes, but do not use them yet; you'll want to wait until you can no longer make much money (and therefore no longer train creatures), which would be before taking on Green.

Keep proceeding and defeating heroes and claiming neutral units (you will be ambushed by two copies of DOOR_ONE on approaching or entering the base). When you reach the Wizard's room, he will summon WIZARD_ONE and WIZARD_TWO to his defence, and despatch WIZARD_THREE to your dungeon to destroy you. Defeating him will restore your powers by making the following available to you (for research except where noted):

and the following available to everyone for manufacturing:

Once the hero base is completely taken over, focus on training your creatures. Gold is very tight, so make that your top priority. Although there is a gem seam, by the time you get there you won't need it any more because Green will be on the verge of total defeat if not totally defeated, and there's not much point in hanging around after you've won. However, don't hesitate to zap those who do not have Speed by using Speed Monster; this'll double their training skill as well as make them move faster, so it's money well spent. If you still have Bile Demons, you may want to construct a Workshop, because placing doors and traps and selling them will be your only source of income after your gold is spent (though you may want to keep some doors next to your Training Room(s) to boost efficiency). When you're ready, use your Increase Level specials and take on Green. Green may hold all the aces (except the Increase Level and Resurrect Creature specials), but if you've played your cards right, your forces should be a match for his.


  • A scripting error assigns the SHOCK_THREE units to SHOCK_TWO instead, meaning SOCK_THREE is technically empty.
  • Green has a Portal, despite the lack of a Creature Pool. In fact, the official guide book gives the impression that the final part of this level was supposed to be a battle of wits between you and Green; it states that the only way to defeat him is to out-think him, and cites the fact that he has a Portal whereas you don't, the fact that he can build Workshops whereas you can't (even though you can), and the fact that he has a gem seam and you don't (although this claim is true).[1] It therefore seems that his Portal is a leftover from a prototype of this level and is only there for show.
  • When the shock troops spawn, an unused timer that does nothing is initialised (complete with an empty if statement) for an unknown reason. It's possibly a leftover of something that was removed.

KeeperFX Differences[]

  • The neutral Monks are hero-owned.
  • When you get past the Thieves guarding the entrance to the hero base, the copies of SHOCK_TWO and SHOCK_THREE now spawn on a timer (they spawn after 200 turns). Also, the SHOCK_TWO parties now spawn in your starting Treasure Room rather than at the Dungeon Heart, and the SHOCK_THREE parties spawn in the hero base near Red's starting dungeon.


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  1. This occurs when boulders hit a fork at a straight angle, which will be the case here as boulders are only triggered if an enemy is within its line of sight at straight angles. The only way for a boulder to hit a wall at a non-straight angle is to slap it whilst your camera is at such an angle, which is impossible in Forced Perspective mode.