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Doors can be used as defense, for controlling creature movement, or for improving room efficiency. They block all non-friendly units from passing trough, and are mostly used to halt enemies or lock creatures in a specific region of a dungeon. They can be locked and unlocked by the Keeper that owns the door.

When a door is open because a creature is near it, enemy creatures can sneak in. You can use this to your advantage against a Keeper that has a lot of doors but keeps them unlocked.

A Ghost has a special ability that allows it to pass trough any door, even if it is locked.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The door types in Dungeon Keeper

The four types of door in Dungeon Keeper

There are four types of door in Dungeon Keeper:

Comparison Table: Doors
  Door   Min Workshop Size    Selling Value     Manufacturing Points
to build 
Door Wooden Small Wooden Door 1 250 18,000 400
Door Braced Small Braced Door 17 500 24,000 750
Door Iron Small Iron Door 26 750 26,000 1500
Door Magic Small Magic Door 37 1500 50,000 3000



Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Comparison Table: Doors
  Door   Resilience Rating     Gold Cost     Manufacturing Points
to build 
  Health     Heal Regeneration
(per second)  
Wooden Door2 Icon Medium Wooden Door Low 500 300 200 0.2
Braced Door2 Icon Medium Braced Door Average 1000 600 600 0.3
Steel Door Icon Medium Steel Door Very High 1500 900 800 0.5
Magic Door2 Icon Medium Magic Door High 6000 1200 1200 2
Secret Door Icon Medium Secret Door High 3000 900 300 1
Barricade Icon Medium Barricade Average 400 150 300 0.1


Dungeon Keeper Online[]

Dungeon Keeper Online has only two door types: Wooden and Iron. Updated versions of their Dungeon Keeper 2 icons are used to represent them.


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