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The four types of door in Dungeon Keeper

There are four types of door in Dungeon Keeper.

Doors are effective barriers against an enemy who has to destroy them to get through. Your creatures, however, are able to go through your doors at will. This makes a good set of doors a very useful addition to the well-protected Dungeon.

Placing DoorsEdit

You can only place a door down on your own tiles in
a corridor one tile wide. Both walls either side of the
tile must already be reinforced by your Imps.

•To select the type of door you want, left-click the icon; the mouse pointer changes to show your chosen door type. Move the mouse pointer over the Dungeon View and left-click to place the door down in a valid place. Doors appear straight away, unlike the traps.

When a door has been placed down, the icon on the panel becomes raised.

To zoom to and cycle all the same door types owned by you on the map, right-click this icon.

Locking DoorsEdit

If you don’t want your creatures walking through doors, you can lock them. This allows you to cut off parts of
your Dungeon.

To lock a door:

1. Place your mouse over a door and the pointer changes into a spinning key.

2. Left-click to lock the door; a similar spinning key icon appears over the door to show you that it is currently locked.

To unlock a door, left-click the door again and the spinning key icon disappears.

Selling a DoorEdit

To sell a door, left-click the Sell Traps and Doors Icon at
the bottom of the panel. Move the cursor over the door and
left-click. The door is deleted.

A door can only be placed in the one square gap between two walls. This means that any corridors they are in have to be one square wide. They open and allow the safe passage for your creatures but do not open for heroes or enemy creatures.
For more information on doors and how
to use them, see Doors (section 8.2).
• To lock a door, left-click on them. This stops any creatures, yours or otherwise, from passing through them.

This is the weakest of all doors and is made of plain wood. It can be broken down easily and destroyed if hit by a boulder from a Boulder Trap. The Wooden Door requires your Workshop to be made of at least ten squares before production can begin.
The Braced Door is of average strength and lasts a little longer than the wooden door. To manufacture the Braced Door, your Workshop must be made up of at least thirteen squares.
The Iron Door is the strongest door and takes a lot of time to break through. Bear in mind that it also takes a lot of time to manufacture. The Iron Door requires your Workshop to made up of at least seventeen squares before production can begin.
This is a special door that is almost impregnable to Hand to Hand attack and can only be broken down by magical spells such as the fireballs or lightning. To manufacture the Magic Door, your Workshop must be made up of at least twenty-one squares.
This allows you to sell a trap or door from within your Dungeon. Although traps and doors do not cost you anything to manufacture, you did pay creatures to produce them, so, by selling them, you can regain some of that lost revenue.
• To sell a trap or door, left-click the sell icon and then left-click the trap
or door in the Dungeon View. It then disappears and your gold increases.

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