Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Faction Creatures
Attracted By Treasure Room - 25 tiles, Lair - 15 tiles
Sacrifice Recipe --
Fighter Class Melee
Base Wage 350
Base Health 900
Spells Level 1 - Flame Breath
Level 2 - Heal
Level 3 - Grenade
Level 7 - Meteor
Level 10 - Word of Power
Possession Skills Flame Breath can be streamed, Grenade
Immune to Lava, Lava Traps
Likes Researching, Training, Gold, Lava
Hates --

The Dragon is a Creature type in Dungeon Keeper.


The best all-round creatures, Dragons can arrive two ways. They can either enter your Dungeon through a Portal or be grown from Demon Spawn who have been trained to level 10. These Demon Spawn then become level 5 Dragons. They are excellent in combat, and breathe a natural fire that toasts heroes and enemy creatures. They are natural researchers but will train if no research is available.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General InformationEdit

Tough to kill and powerful fighters, dragons are some of the best combat creatures to obtain. They are strong against other melee fighters, but have serious trouble to defeat ranged units due to their slow speed which is on the lowest level. With their Healing ability, they can last very long in a battle, but they might kill themselves with their Meteor spell if used against foes with Rebound ability. Dragons are expensive to train and maintain, but they can be well-worth the investment.

Outside of combat, Dragons are excellent researchers, but only basic manufacturers. Dragons may be attracted to dungeons through conventional means, or (in the later stages of the campaign) through sufficiently training Demon Spawns.

Like Warlocks and Tentacles, Dragons gain experience from sleeping next to a specific type of tile, in this case, Lava.

Dragons are very annoyed when not getting paid and will leave the dungeon very quickly then. They will also steal gold from the treasure room if they leave for other reasons.

Abilities Edit

  1. Immune to Lava and Lava Traps.
  2. Uses Flame Breath instead of Hand to Hand.
  3. When Possessed, it is possible to hold the left mouse button permanently for a continuos stream of Flame Breath, making it possible to deal very high damage and train them up to level 10 in a very short time.
  4. The players view in possession is impaired with a smoke mist effect.

Sacrifice RecipesEdit

Things to sacrifice in the temple
Creature Creature Creature Result
1 Dragon 1 Hellhound 1 Orc Horned Reaper FX
1 Dragon 1 Fly -- Hellhound FX
1 Dragon 1 Dark Mistress -- Beetle FX
1 Dragon 1 Hellhound -- Fly FX

Combat Statistics Edit

Base Health: 900
Base Strength: 90
Defence: 90
Base Skill: 50
Base Dexterity: 60
Luck: 18

See Query for more information on Health, Strength, Defence, Skill, Dexterity and Luck.



According to an early developer interview, in the original game before the major redesign, the Dragon was attracted by a Dragon Chamber, and was able to fly.[1]


  1. Elf Destruction. Bullfrog Bulletin. No. 2. Guildford: Bullfrog Productions. Autumn/Winter 1996. pp. 4–6.

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