Dungeon Heart
Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Heart icon tinyHeart2 Icon Medium
Health per Tile 1300 (DK1)
10000 (DK2)
Zoom-to Key H (DK1, DK2)
The Dungeon Heart is a room in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

The Dungeon Heart is a prebuilt room and the first room you start your Dungeon from. The Dungeon Heart represents the Keeper's, and therefore the player's, life. If the player's Dungeon Heart is destroyed then the player will automatically lose whichever level they are playing. Rival Dungeon Keepers also possess Dungeon Hearts and destroying them will kill the Keeper and cause their territory to revert to an unclaimed state.

Appearance Edit

Dungeon Keeper Edit

In Dungeon Keeper, the Dungeon Heart is a large white gem held up by a squad of golden trolls, with a smaller purple gem attached to the top of the frame. The structure periodically glows in time to the beating of the heart.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Edit

In dungeon Keeper 2, the heart takes on a completely different appearance. The heart itself is a large pool containing a fiery beating substance that spits large turquoise sparks into the air. A large stone arched structure covers it, and their are sets of stairs over the pool.

Dungeon Keeper Edit

The Dungeon Heart is a Keeper's residence and the means of control. In the beginning of the level You enter it and exit once you've lost. All your new creatures will check in at the Dungeon Heart before they create a lair. They also must check out before they desert your dungeon.

The Dungeon Heart occupies a 3x3 area, and almost always occupies a 5x5 room.

Occasionally a hero fortress will contain a good Dungeon Heart, which must be destroyed in addition to the Lord of the Land.

When a Keeper or Hero Fortress loses its Dungeon Heart, it will lose all its claimed area, walls, traps and doors. Rooms will remain and can be captured. Evil creatures will stop fighting and head for the nearest portal. Heroes will remain dangerous. Beware, destroying a hero Dungeon Heart quickly without clearing out a Hero dungeon can be catastrophic, as all locked doors will be destroyed, meaning any Heroes behind them will attack, and destroying a Hero Heart will not always be enough to win the level.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Edit

The Dungeon Heart is the most important room in the dungeon, if this room is destroyed, all your minions will leave the dungeon by the nearest portal, all your Imps will die and your mana reserves will disappear. In short; if your Heart is destroyed, you lose.

The Dungeon Heart occupies a 5x5 area with outer 16 tiles used as treasury capable of storing 1000 coins per tile. Mana is generated at the Dungeon Heart at the rate of 1 point of mana per tile controlled up to 500 points per cycle; the Heart itself generates 30 mana per cycle, and if you ever have fewer than four imps, it will spontaneously create one every few seconds until you have at least four.

In multiplayer games, if a Keeper's Dungeon Heart is destroyed, what remains can be claimed by other Keepers as another source of Mana.

The dungeon heart beats like a normal heart, and will beat faster, change colour, and then beat slower if its being attacked.


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