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The Dungeon Keeper 2 Editor enables you to edit and create Dungeon Keeper 2 maps. It also enables you to edit the stats of creatures and spells.


Unlike the editor for the first game, whose interface is reminiscent of the game itself, the interface is similar to Dungeon Keeper's UnDed editor: it is a Windows GUI.

The script, including timer and flag conditions, can be modified within the editor.

This is also a stats editor: you can edit the stats of creatures, spells, shots, terrain, etc. With this, it is possible to access spells that were cut from the game.

The editor is the one used by the developers to make the levels.[1] As such, it was not fully tested for consumer use, and has features that end-users may not find suitable.[2] This shows; there is a bizarre inability to place Lairs and Hatcheries. To fix this, there is a fan-modified 'pro' version. There is also a release candidate version.

Version comparison
Normal Pro RC3
Place Lairs and Hatcheries X mark Yes check Yes check
Edit hero parties Danger sign Danger sign Yes check
Overwrite levels X mark Yes check X mark

The pro version can also edit more stats, such as the creature's sex and whether it is good or evil.[3]



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