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Dungeon Keeper Ami is an ongoing Dungeon Keeper x Sailor Moon crossover fanfiction started in September 2009 by Pusakuronu on the forum Anime Addventure, based on the one-shot "Name That Keeper" by PsyckoSama. It would later be moved to the Sufficient Velocity forum where new chapters are still being released as of August 2020. The story can be read here.

The fanfic is notorious for requiring little to no knowledge of either Dungeon Keeper or Sailor Moon to be enjoyed, as the story explains the events and worldbuilding of both franchises. The story takes place 20 years after the events of Dungeon Keeper, and the middle of the first season of the Sailor Moon anime.

Its influence has led to the creation of many omakes (fanfics based on other fanfics), quest threads and fanart based on Pusakuronu's interpretation of the Dungeon Keeper world, such as Dungeon Keeper of Love and Justice, But I Don't Want To Be An Evil Overlord!, and Keeper Taylor.


During a failed interdimensional chase of General Jadeite of the Dark Kingdom, Sailor Mercury ends up trapped in an abandoned dungeon in another world with an angry Horned Reaper, who was abandoned by his previous Keeper as well. The reaper, who would rather indulge himself with her or kill her, decides to trick her into claiming the power of a Dungeon Heart instead; turning her into a potentially powerful Keeper that would be his escape ticket to freedom.

This event bounded the soul of Keeper Mercury into the realm of the Dark Gods, whose powers the Dungeon Heart draws Mana from. What neither of them knew is that this simple action would trigger a chain of events that would send Mercury into a two-sided war with the heroes of the surface world and other Keepers who want her power for themselves, forcing her to step up and become a proper Keeper in order to stand up to their armies and find a way back home.


The story takes place in the world of Adushul, a fan given name to the world of Dungeon Keeper, with a few scenes taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The world of Adushul is divided in two sections: The three continents of the surface, where kingdoms of humans, elves, dwarfs and fairies coexist in harmony, and the hidden underground cities of the underworld, where creatures and surface criminals live in wait to leave the creature pools and cross the portals to serve a new Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper evil wallpaper

Keepers wage war against the inhabitants of the surface and against each other as well. The most successful of them, Keeper Mukrezar, was the one who took control of the Avatar Islands, turning the continent from an epitome of tranquillity and gaiety into a hellish landscape of fiery skies and bloody oceans.

While the surfacers worship the Light, a generic deity made of many benevolent lesser deities, Keepers pray to specific Dark Gods who are at war with the Light and each other as well. These Dark Gods grant them gifts and empower their favored creatures. For example, the Vermin Lord, the Dark God of poisonous and disease-spreading insects and pests, favors Spiders, Flies, Fireflies and Beetles, and grants his worshippers the power to enlarge one of their chosen creatures to gigantic sizes temporarily.

This setting has been used as the foundation for many more Dungeon Keeper crossovers and original stories, independently of Keeper Mercury's exploits or existence.

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